On a roll

I want some roller skates, and then to practice roller skating until I’m good at it. Like… decently good at it. I could probably ask for some for the holidays, but I’m super awkward at shit like that, so it’s likely that I’ll just end up buying them for myself. With my next jury duty money perhaps? I feel entitled to use that money on something for myself. I’ll also need a lot of other shit probably, like toe guards and pads and shit. But… dude. I really want it. I’m having feelings about it, okay? FEELINGS. I also really really want to be done curating shit for now, but I’m hella not. I have 100 more things to do, which isn’t a lot compared to the 900 that I’ve done so far, but it’s still annoying and I’m still annoyed about it. I want to just watch videos about stuff and look at skates online. I want to be fresh meat. I want to be brave and alive. I would also need a mouth guard probably.


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