So I finished my work from yesterday at 7am this morning, and then went the fuck to sleep. I woke up at like 10 to my phone ringing, and answered it all groggy A.F. it was the dude in charge of organizing jury duty, and he asked me if I could come down to the courthouse today, because I had forgotten to sign an indictment. I was like… fuck. really? How could I possibly fucking forget to sign one? I don’t think I did… but… maybe… fuck. So I just told him I would come in in the afternoon, and then I proceeded to go back to sleep for a couple more hours and have a bunch of nightmares about it. When I woke up I was so disoriented I was wondering if I had dreamt the whole phone call as well as the proceeding nightmares, but my phone log verified that it actually happened. So, all stressed, all freaked out I headed over to the courthouse. I do not handle fucking things up well, like it makes me feel so bad and just… yeah. I don’t handle it well, so I was all freaked out feeling bad as I went over there. Anyway, I show up, I go up to the third floor and tell the front desk lady why I’m there. She pulls the indictment out and thanks me for coming in. “Yeah, the A.D.A. didn’t sign it either, I don’t know what happened.” she said. I’m thinking… that’s super weird. I look at it and I’m like… “I for sure signed a copy of this. Are you sure there isn’t another copy in the file that’s signed? ” So she looks in the file and two seconds later finds the signed copy, that I signed, and dated, on Friday. So… yeah. Then everyone apologized to me a bunch of times for making me come in and the guy in charge said he would pay me for an hour for coming in but I didn’t care, I was just super relieved that I hadn’t fucked anything up. After that I went to pay rent and do other stuff, and then I came home and basically slept some more and I’m still fucking exhausted, but I have to do at least 100 lines of curation before I can go to bed, because I just took on another batch and it’s all fucking terrible but like… gotta bet paid son. Okay, I’m going to do some work and maybe I’ll come back.

-25 done. 25% of my goal for the day. I should really feed the small snake tonight too. I meant to do it last night but I forgot. I mean… he can definitely deal with having his meal delayed a day, but I should do it before bed probably. I had nightmares about him too, that his cage was really gross and stuff. Like.. dude. brain. chill. Okay, more work now.

– 50 done. 50% of my goal for the day. I am the very tired. I really should have exercised today. No good excuse not to. I just… didn’t. It’s not cool. My cartilage piercings are feeling a bit better today. I spontaneously decided to stretch them from a 20 gauge to a 16 the other night. I have been wanting to for a while, but I basically just went for it. I didn’t even have good jewelry, these studs are way too long and they’re annoying. Yesterday one side was really sore, but it’s feeling better today.

-75 done. 75% of my goal for the day. I am the very sleepy. Much tired. Hope to finish soon and also hope to lay down pretty soon.

-100 done. 100% of my goal for the day. cool. good. good. cool. I’m going to be done with this now, finish up some stuff, sleep soon-ish hopefully. peace.


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