Back at it again with more stuff to complain about! So yeah, yesterday I lost out on  $500 worth of work and today I took on a new assignment that I’ve never done before and it fucking blows huge giraffe dicks. I’m not going to get into it because of confidentiality reasons, but basically I did two hours of work so far and I’ve made approximately $4. Soooooooo….. fucking awesome. It’s horrible and it’s making me feel like I’m drowning. Like I’m really just drowning. Also I think I must be pretty close to my period because I feel like .04% away from crying like… just… over everything.  Also I ate 330 more calories than I should have today and I’m kinda pissed at myself about it. Also I paid rent and the internet bill and the electricity bill and two credit card bills today and that sucked a lot and now I’m super broke. Yeah boyyyyyyy! **air guitar** I can’t let this month slip away into nothing. It’s already happening and I can’t let it happen. It’s already the shortest month and I have a lot to do. A lot to do. A lot to do. I need to try and do more of that horrible soul crushing work tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get faster at it. Maybe I’ll get better at it. I dunno. I hate doing it and I hate how it makes me feel. I’m really tired but not like… go to sleep tired. I should have gotten more exercise today. I went for a walk around the zoo with my mom earlier but that’s it and that’s not really enough exercise for a day. I’m feeling soul restless and body restless and god, just wrest this from me. Just wrest this from me. We saw some baby chimpanzees and also a gorilla who I’m pretty sure was jacking off on top of the tallest tower in his enclosure. So there’s that. I need new multi-vitamins. I wonder if we have any of the adult kind that you actually have to swallow instead of the gummy kind. Let’s find out. Nope. apparently not. Maybe I should take a 2am trip to walmart and get some vitamins, and walk out some of my restlessness. Or maybe not. It’s like…. whatever. you know? Lol but also I can feel my soul dying right now so maybe I will go do something. Lol. lol. lol. lol. lol. lol. lol. lol. lol. @mysoul come back! Now it looks like we might go to the gym right now, so that’s pretty cool tbh. Fucking 2:30am workout. Hopefully that will help jostle my heart guts and my soul guts back into place. Never been to the gym at this time, so it should be interesting I think. Weird, but interesting. I’M AN ADUUUULLLLT


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