The things about stuff

So yeah I’m like… sick or something?? **coughing break** It’s really fucking annoying and I’m really antsy and frustrated because of it. I haven’t gotten any significant exercise in two days and it’s making me feel bad and gross… among other things also making me feel that way that I’m not going to get into right now. My throat hurts a lot and it’s  just generally really fucking annoying okay? My brain feels stupid and I’m over it. I’m so totally over it, I need to be done and well now. When I wake up tomorrow I need this shit to be fucking done. 20 more days ’till the end of the month… which is …. bad for reasons. Buuut I’m not going to get into it right now because I just don’t feel like it bro. **insert various throat pains here** I should make myself tea or something maybe, but I don’t really want to. Also I should definitely take a shower, but I don’t really want to. I’m trying to decide wtf to do with my hair. At this point it’s blond and I’m sorta over it being blond. I wanted to do like… a fun color originally, like purple or whatever, but it didn’t work and my roots are already starting to grow in normal style and it’s like…. such a pain to get it to go back to a “normal”color after doing a wild color so I dunno if it’s worth it at this point, and I was considering a semi-permanent color instead but like… that only lasts a few washes and it would still cost me like $20 which is a lot and that’s annoying. Sooooo I’m kinda thinking of doing like… backward highlights?? where I foil up some blond pieces and dye the rest a brown style color that matches my natural hair close enough to not be weird when it grows back in. That’s not exactly super fun and exciting… but… it’s practical?? and it would probably look decent??? and I think it would be a lot easier than getting highlights via pain bonnet like I did last time (although to be fair I think I kind of enjoyed it??) So, I dunno. I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I kinda wanna do something soon. I keep going back and forth about it and it’s annoying and I annoy myself. Okay, I really need to take a shower now so I’m going to go do that. There are a number of things I have to take care of tomorrow. Peace out.


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