wedding writing live blog

Started off today with 10 wedding guides to write, I now currently have 9. 9 to do in 6 hours. Does that shit sound overwhelming to me? Why yes, yes it kinda fucking does. Does that shit sound doable to me? Why yes, yes it fucking does. It’s all just what it is, you know? I honestly just mostly wish it was a much much much much larger batch of work. This is just… not enough. Not nearly enough. $200 that I can have in a fucking month. Not even close to enough. Even still, even still, I need to do it and I’m going to do it, and I just really hope that another batch comes close on its heels. It’s happened before, we’ll see.

  • 8 to go, 5 hours and 10 minutes. I got it I got it I got it I got it. I just gotta keep fucking going and not stop for anything really and just keep fucking going and it’ll be fine maybe maybe hopefull I fucking hope so but we’ll see haha yeah, awesome. awesome. Here we go. here we go.
  • 3 down 7 to go. Time is going really fast and sorta freaking me out, but I think it will probably be okay. I think. I dunno. I needa keep concentrating.
  • 4/6 split. I was really hoping my parents would go to taos this week and I would watch the house/dogs for them and they would pay me some type of money to do it and that would have been rad because I currently own slightly less than $20 and I have like $100 worth of bills due in 9 days… but… it seems like that isn’t going to happen. sooooo yeah.  **general panicked screaming**
  • 5/5. halfway there. 38 minutes ahead of my ultimate ~write continually or you’re fucked~ deadline. that’s … not great. this is guna be cutting it close bro.
  • 6/4 split. 33 minutes of grace time. fuck. ugh. whateva. ugh. whateva. dodging copyscape with simple word phrases, because we can’t have me plagiarizing from other things that I literally wrote, now can we?
  • 7/3. 29 minutes of grace. **slight panic** … it’ll probably be fine it’ll probably probably probably be fine.
  • 8/2, 21 graceful grace minutes. I’m feeling pretty calm about it now actually, because that should be enough. Only two more. I’m so fucking ready to be done writing stuff.
  • 9/1 , 8 fucking gr8ce minutes. lololololololololololololololololol cool. cool. co co co co co co co co cool.
  • 10/0. fucking 6 minutes left on that grace period clock. Talk about cutting that shit close bro. bro. bro. bro. close bro. freakin’ close bro. Okay, I’m done now and I’m going to go fucking eat something or whatever because I’ve been working forever and doing nothing else and drinking coffee and now I’m super hungry and pretty shaky. yeah. peace.

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