Hey, how’s it goin’? For me, I would have to go with not so awesome. I feel dejected and p depressed tbh. I really need some fucking **this month style** work and I can’t believe it’s already about to be the fucking 10th tomorrow and I’m having a fucking panic attack about it sorta. I’m currently trying to post some vintage cameras from my parents on e-bay. It feels like a long shot, or like… it feels like a long shot took a shit on an unlikely occurrence. But like… I have to try something. I don’t know what the fuck else to do. Dejected. I’ve posted two things so far and I have three more to go but I don’t know shit about them and I think I need to take more pictures and everything feels terrible to me right now. I have $85 worth of bills due in 5 days and another $120 worth between the 20th and 23rd and fucking NOTHING. I have nothing and I’m freaking the fuck out about it and I don’t know how to deal or what the fuck to do. Soooo… that’s that basically. I just feel like crying and sleeping right now so I don’t have to think about it which is like… so not productive. I should go to the gym. Maybe I will.  Usually I can find some type of like… positivity ledge to grab onto and pull myself up with when I start feeling this down, but these walls are lookin’ mighty smooth.


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