Tomorrow (today) is the fourth. America is fucked and the theme of my family’s party is going to be “please take us back” with like British flags n shit. It should be pretty funny. I still haven’t heard about grad school or about that job or about fucking anything and I’m freaked about it, but trying to stay cool. Trying to be cool. My mom said I should wait till after the 4th to try and email anyone about stuff, and that’s probably a good call. I really want to get in. Ugh. Anyway, I got new tires on my car today, cuz I kinda had to. It sucked and took 3 fucking hours. But they forgot to charge me the $12 per tire balancing fee so there’s that. I’m tired. I should try and sleep and then be awake tomorrow. I should read a little bit of the stupid book I’m reading and then sleep. Peace.


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