I got into grad school. It’s good. I’m glad about that. It’s a thing I wanted, and I was really afraid it wasn’t going to happen, but it looks like it did happen. So that’s good. That’s something that I’m locking up into the good compartment. As for the rest of it and me, I don’t know. I keep swinging wildly back and forth between it’s okay and it’s really not okay at all. Whoops, there I go again. There I go again. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to deal with it. restless and a wrenched heart. Trying to find precedence and perspective but sort of finding neither.  I haven’t exercised in days, and what am I even worth? A plague and paralysis upon me. What else? what else? what else? what else? Why am I this weak? Why don’t I do something? Okay. not okay. okay. not


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