I’m so hyped up on caffeine right now, I’m sort of jittery and my anxiety is riding hiiiiigh. I’m still waiting to see if I have to work tonight. I really hope I don’t, but I’ll do it if I have to obviously. Tomorrow is my birthday, and apparently my parents are paying for me to get a conch piercing lol. It’s to even out my face actually, so I’ll have 3 things on each side. I’m not sure how thrilled they are going to be with my choice, but I was planning on doing it either way, they just agreed to pay for it as a b-day present. Hopefully it’ll all work out and be cool. It’ll definitely be an interesting family outing. Have I mentioned that my anxiety is riding high?? because it hellla is lol. I don’t even know why exactly, I just feel super anxious and I’m trying to chill tf out but it’s not working too well so far. An hour-ish until I find out if I work or not. This week has been weird, but overall strangely not bad?? like… way better than I anticipated?? The S.O has two days off now, for my b-day style, which is rad. We are going to drink wine later and I am cooking delicious food and I am looking forward to it. For now, I’m going to go do something else to try and keep myself distracted I think. I dunno. Okay, ummmm…. bye! *edit* lmao nvm! I have to fucking work tonight and now I’m suuuuper bummed about it. That’ll fucking show me for getting my dumbass hopes up. Tight. 


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