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Things I’m currently doing:

-Writing two freelance articles simultaneously

– Doing a weird side project for another client that I have to do in order to be in the running for a supposedly ongoing writing project later

– Trying to find online versions of my grad school textbooks

-Trying to work out my grad school schedule for the week and what I have due and when

– Feeling generally overwhelmed about fucking everything lololololololololololol

I also really need to practice my fucking ghost stops, but like… when?? lol. I hate doing it here. I can’t do it right now while the S.O is trying to fucking sleep. My brother said that I could do it on your walks, just like… do it while we walk. I think that’s a good idea and I want to try that, but it isn’t enough. I need more practice than that. I want to have it all down perfectly so it isn’t a thing I have to think about or worry about any more at all. That’s the goal. Wait, hold on *does a side project thing* okay, so yeah. I’m overwhelmed lol. It’s suddenly just… a lot. Honestly?? I would prrrobably consider dropping out of the ghost tour thing, even though I do like it, and do think I’ll be good at it, except that like… everyone in my life thinks it’s the coolest shit ever, and wants to come see me do it, so like… I would feel pretty dumb if I just said J/K Dudes! I gave up because it was hard and I was busy! Like… that’s not really my style, so I’m going to stick it out, and do my best, and practice. Hold on, I have to go write an article about bike tires or some shit. Okay, I wrote one about bike tires and one about phone cases. Now I’m gunna do a little of the weird side project. Oh, and also I forgot I have money in my upwork account that I should for sure transfer to my bank. Okay, done with that. Now I’m guna write about money handling equipment and plastic modular food storage units. Also, I apparently stabbed under the nail bed of one of my nails, which is a thing I haven’t done in quite some time and thought I was basically over doing, buuut there ya go. Soooo I guess I should clip my nails or something or whatever. Okay, finished writing both of those and did another round of the weird side work. That leaves just one more article for this little unit of time. I should probably do it right now. But also, it’s 1am and I’m guna have to wake up (albeit briefly) at 3:45 … so like… ugh. Actually, whatever. fuck it. Let’s write it. It’s guna be about bike lights and reflectors. Let’s just kill it and be done. Also, I got a new car stereo today, I’d definitely like to get that put in soon so I can have music in my car again. I miss having music in my car. Ok, I gotta go write. Okay, fucking done with that. Gunna do one more super quick round of weird side work, and then I’m heading to bed, to lay down for two hours. Tight. tight. t-t-t-t-tight. Shit’s weird man.



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