Nigh Hoon

I’ll make up dates and chat. I’ll keep talking while a drunk guy behind me makes a scene. I’ll walk. I’ll hold the lantern. I’ll be the beast (because he who carries the dark lantern must be the beast) I’ll speak and tell stories, I’ll come up with ways to elevate them. I’ll fill my October with ghosts. I’ll breathe in the crisp fall air and exhale tales. Monday I’m being evaluated. I’m less nervous than I was, but nervous still. If she approves me, (and I think she will) my time as a ghost apprentice will be over. Definitely the weirdest job I’ve ever had (and I’ve had some pretty weird ones) probably also the coolest. All because I applied mostly as a lark, to a weird and random Facebook job opening, in February. Life is so strange. Hopefully my voice amp will arrive today and hopefully it’ll work well. I’m getting more comfortable with using one. I figured out how to actually wear the microphone part today. I need to try and sleep


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