Mice Hice

We’ve been having mice in the apartment for like the past month. Just caught the 5th one total, and 2nd one today, using a catch and release trap. The one from earlier was the smallest, cutest little shit I’ve ever seen. This one is grown and not nearly so charming, but clever as anything. I feel like an asshole, letting them go in the middle of the night in the freezing cold, so I wait, until the warmest hours of the day, wanting to give them the best possible chance of finding somewhere suitable to stay before cold night again. The tiny one from earlier was content to sit in the trap, eating crumbs and napping until I took him out and freed him. But this big guy was all panic panic slam his head into the trap door. So I moved him to a little bin, that I set up with food and water and hiding paper. I secured it closed and have since been watching his clever but futile escape attempts. It’s 3am, and if I’m going to wait until warmest day he’s going to have to live here for 12 hours. (I can think of worse fates, he could be going to the snakes) 


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