Mix it up

Things. Are. Happening. We are getting our album mixed by a professional mixer. Like… a fucking Grammy nominated professional mixer who has literally mixed stuff for  Beyonce and Pink and Usher and hella other seriously famous artists. He also mixes stuff for indie artists at a reduced price, IF he’s interested in the project. Well we sent him four of our songs and HE LIKED THEM! So much so that he gave us an even more discounted price! Amazing. It’s still expensive considering how poor we are, but it’s not much to pay for such a high end service. All in all, we are really excited about it. Like I’m really nervous but also excited. It’s just nuts. This project we spent so long on, now it’s really happening. I’m excited. And I’m super hyped over the fact that a dude who worked with BEYONCE listened to our music and liked it enough to take on the project and give us a special rate! Like oh man!! Oh shit!! That’s something for sure.