Other things…

I applied for a bunch of freelance style jobs today, but I’m not super confident that any of them are legit, or that they’ll come through. I’m going to try more tomorrow and the next day and the next day. It’s fucking draining and I hate doing it. I really hate doing it. I can feel my soul dying as I’m tweaking my resume to better suit each thing I’m applying for. It was a beautiful rainy day and I went to the gym, but I forgot my headphones. I feel 1,000 ties more self-conscious, and 1,000 times less pumped up without them, so I made it a short one. I just did a mile instead of a mile and a half, and then a couple arm machines. We didn’t go to my parents house to carve pumpkins, which is usually the tradition, but stuff happened and it just fell through. I feel kinda sad about it tbh. empty, strange. (but to be fair, I was already feeling that way… sooo….) I got a pomegranate at least, which is part of the tradition. I’m going to call them tomorrow. We might order my new phone. I don’t know what else is going to happen tomorrow. I might stop by my brother and his girlfriend’s evening get-together, and hang out with all their beautiful dancer friends and feel like a giant weird potato, and use humor as a defense mechanism, and awkwardly follow my brother around because I suck at parties. (I made that sound **super** fun didn’t I??!) Also I have to dress up as something, and I don’t really have anything. (haha I could wear my fox ears I guess?? haha) So whatever. We’ll see. I’m going to play it how it plays, lay it how it lays. Just try and do my best. I’m not going to lie it’s been fucking hard. It’s been trying and confusing and unsettling and just fucking hard.


Working out (A rant about my gym and a product endorsement)

So I go to the gym between 3 and 5 times per week, usually at least 4 and sometimes as many as 6. (Though you would never fucking know from looking at me….. but that’s not what this entry is about so I digress…) I mainly do cardio, and a little bit of arm, leg, and ab exercises each time. I go to Planet Fitness because it is the cheapest gym available to me and I’m really poor and it has everything I need and it’s pretty close to my house. I’ve been going there for well over a year. Anyway, I’ve been a member of two other gyms before this one and as far as equipment goes they are all pretty much the same. However, there are a couple things I don’t like about P-fitness. #1: They heavily endorse “The biggest loser” … they have posters all over the damn place saying they are “proud partners of the biggest loser” and other things about it, just fucking everywhere. That show is horrible and disgusting and de-humanizing and portrays dangerous and unhealthy habits. But hey! Don’t take my word for it. Here’s links to four separate articles about it.

1. The Biggest Loser has Big Problems, Health Experts Say

2. Former ‘Biggest Loser’ competitor Kai Hibbard calls the show unhealthy, misleading. 

3. On Biggest Loser, Health Can take Back Seat

4. Losing More than Weight: Humiliation, Extreme Dieting, and Unhealthy Exercise on The Biggest Loser” 

There are about 100 similar articles floating around, super easy to find if you spend about 30 seconds googling it. Point is, I fucking hate that my gym is endorsing this and I’m sure it all comes down to money and sponsorship but it still sucks and I hate seeing that shit all over the place while I’m trying to work out and it kinda makes me feel like shit and I feel like it really, really, really undermines the “No Judgement Zone” philosophy that P-fitness so proudly boasts of.

#2: They play Fox News all the time. ALL THE TIME. At any given time that’s what’s playing on about 1/5 of the television screens they have for people to watch while working out. I hate fox news, it is disgusting and misleading and biased and racist and sexist and full of gross Republican slander all the goddamn time. But hey! don’t take my word for it. Here are links to four separate articles about it.

1. The most Biased Name in News 

2. The 12 most despicable things Fox News did in 2012 

3. Fox News Reaches new level of racist insanity in war on Christmas coverage

4.  Fox News Racism

(and one more, just for fun! Fox News’ Culture of Sexism )

So… I basically have to assume that by choosing Fox News they are basically making a statement about their political allignment… which is gross, and I hate it. Maybe it is just my *particular* gym, but I feel like that is probably not the case. I find both of these things inappropriate and gross and they make the environment feel less inviting to me. But guess what? I’m going to keep going there and keep giving them my money because I need a place to work out and this is the only one that works for me for now, in my current living and financial situation.

…. If anyone survived that rant, and is still reading, I am now going to endorse a product related to working out. After using them for about 2 months, I have to say that I highly recommend Yurbuds ear buds.


Basically they are normal style ear buds (with very good sound quality) but they come with these weird rubber attachment things, as seen in this picture. What makes them special you ask? THEY ACTUALLY STAY IN MY EARS. I have never ever ever ever ever in my life been able to wear earbuds while working out because every time, guaranteed, they fall out as soon as I start moving, and I constantly have to push them back in, and it is incredibly distracting and terrible. I have tried TONS of different kinds of ear buds, and they have never ever ever worked for me. I see other people wearing them at the gym and I’m like… how the HELL are those staying in your goddamn ears??! WITCHCRAFT I SAY!! These are sort of weird, and it took me a couple weeks to get good at putting them in properly, and it still sometimes takes me more than one try to get them in right. However, once I do, they stay in for my entire workout, no problem. Occasionally I have to slightly adjust them once or twice, but that’s it. For me, that is miraculous. Here’s a link to a quick video about how to put them in and how they work.

Yurbuds Video

However, if I tug on mine as hard as the lady in this video does, they WILL come out of my ears. Also, I can only put in one at a time, also I feel like they should describe the “twist” process in greater detail, because you should be twisting the ear bud itself while the rubber part remains in place in your ear… and that took me like 4 days to figure out. BUT! Even though they aren’t as **super magical** as the video makes them look, they ARE very good, and they actually do stay in my ears while I work out and I have never had a pair of earbuds that would do that. Once in place they are also very comfortable. For these reasons, I recommend them. I bought the “Insprie for women” ones, which cost me about $30 at bestbuy, which isn’t too bad. They have other ones that get waaay more expensive, but I can’t afford that jazz.

OoOoooooOoookay then!! This has been a very long (and probably very boring) entry… but… whatever. Peace out!