Zoo days

Went to the zoo with my family today, saw some animals, definitely did *not* gently touch a small monkey through the bars, because that would be dangerous and against the rules and you know how much I love following rules. Here are some things we saw:


Stripe horses


A rather large kitten


Some ice dogs


A small orange man (that I definitely did not touch at all)


This long billed turkey


The king of all guinea pigs


Pink swans

A lot of animals weren’t out, but it was still pretty nice and fairly chill overall.


A day in the life

It is 10am and I wake to the sounds of people stomping around on the roof. “What the fuck?” I ask, semi-rhetorically. We soon discover It is the maintenance people trimming the tree that hangs over our apartment. I can hear them arguing about how best to go about it. I lay there listening to their stomping and the thud of fallen branches, imagining one falling through the roof and crushing me, or busting through the window and impaling me. The sounds continue for hours and I do not fall back to sleep.
“People don’t realize that we have to do all of this twice” my little brother says, referring to the fact that we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, and have to acquire presents for both. We are riding around in his big truck, fighting traffic and discussing gift ideas. We end up in a tiny but bustling local tea shop, buying some loose teas for our mom. They have a huge selection and we choose a few that sound good. The shop smells delicious, and as we browse my brother falls in love with a tiny little bear-shaped jar of local honey. “I’ll buy it for you.” I tell him. “It’s only $3.” It is so small and gentle and sweet,  and I want my strong, bearded, grown ass man of a brother to have it. He smiles and accepts, saying he wants to give it to his girlfriend, but since they live together it will secretly be for him as well. He takes his time and looks at all of them, studying their little bear faces and comparing the colors of the tiny silk roses attached to each label before picking the exact one he wants. I pay and we head out, both agreeing that we’d like to visit the shop again sometime.

Give me a home

After two nights at my parents house struggling to get comfortable enough to sleep I’m happy to be here in my own bed.It’s nice to be there tho. It still feels like home to me in a lot of ways, but not in an *its comfortable to sleep here* way. It’s nice to have a yard and dogs and outdoor privacy and light and space. It rained and rained and I took the dogs for a long walk by myself in the bosque. We walked by the alpaca house.



They are fascinated by the dogs and always come over to see us. They move as a heard and that panda face lookin’ guy is their leader. The dogs are a bit afraid of them I think.

Fish and valentines day and stuff and a super long entry.

I think Lucy Lawless is one of the most attractive people ever and looking at her face makes me feel things and her voice is so awesome and unique sounding and she seems really badass and powerfull even when she isn’t playing XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS… aaand she really does it for me even though she’s fairly old now. </ end rant about my sexual attraction to Lucy Lawless>

… Anyway… yesterday I set up a goldfish tank. I have been wanting to do it for a while but yesterday I finally got around to *actually getting fish*. I wanted feeder goldfish that would otherwise get fed to bigger fish or reptiles  or some crazy person’s pet duck… I dunno. At the pet store the feeder fish were kept in this big metal trough/bucket type thing. I only wanted 4 goldfish, but they were 6 for a dollar, and the lady basically made me get 6. Plus, a tiny minnow which apparently jumped the divider between the feeder minnows and feeder goldfish ended up in my fish bag… and the lady didn’t feel like dealing with it so she just gave it to me. SO…. I ended up with more fish than I wanted, which means the tank is a little more crowded than I wanted it to be, but they still have a LOT more room to swim around than they had crammed in a metal bucket with hundreds of other fish basically waiting to die. I expected a couple of them to die right away actually, because feeder fish are usually NOT healthy at all… but so far they are all still alive, and swimming, and eating, and doing well.



They seem pretty happy I think… as much as I’m capable of judging the happiness of fish… They have all been kinda tripping out at the fact that they can see their reflections in the glass, and they keep swimming up to their reflection and trying to figure out what is going on, because they have spent their entire lives in a fucking bucket and they have probably never seen a reflection before. I would still like to add a little snail to the tank, to help keep it clean. We’ve named almost all of them but not quite. Their names include:

-Appa (mostly white fish with an orange spot on his head and tail)

-Momo (the tiny rogue guppy, who seems like the happiest chillest fish of all. He is proud of his great escape. )

-Olympic Gold (a brown looking fish who looks **actually gold and not orange** in the light. Also I have been watching the olympics. :-P)

-Black Star (orange dude with a black stripe on the top of his fin)

-Noticeably F.A.T. (the biggest one, props if you get the Futurama reference.)

The other two are both small and completely orange and basically look identical so I don’t know what to name them… aaaand I just right now named them Hikaru and Kaoru after the red-headed twins from Ouran High School Host Club which is a super dorky anime. Yes, I am satisfied.

So… yeah! Tomorrow is V-day (oh, actually technically RIGHT NOW is v-day.) My boyfriend got me pretty much EVERY SINGLE cliche’ valentines day present. He came home with all of it and surprised me, it was pretty cute.


Stuffed animal, check. (It’s a dog because I love dogs and it has old man eyebrows and it is cute.) Flowers, check. Pink and purple-y really pretty flowers actually. Balloon, check. Wine, check. Giant heart filled with chocolates, check. (I have never had such a giant heart filled with chocolates… it is fairly huge.)

I have a tiny thing to give him but it is no big deal and I don’t even know if he will like it or think it’s dumb so I haven’t given it to him yet. We have loose plans for tomorrow, they mainly involve staying here. Not completely sure how things will work out, but we will see. In all honesty I think it is a pretty silly holiday, but our sort of unofficial anniversary is the day after, so that has made it more fun.

Merry v-day to all, and to all a good night.