Make me your god or 

Make me sleep

Sleep on my leg or 

Make my leg your god

It’s a ragged choice

It’s a jagged jewel

Fragmented memory

On a dream real grass hill


Nightdreams and marescapes

And in dreams I can’t work numbers
In dreams I know it’s wrong
There is a lion in the side yard
Of my childhood home
The upstairs of my apartment
Is in my childhood home
And I can’t work numbers
And I know it’s wrong
An unexpected visitor
A screaming intruder on the porch
Of my childhood home
A horror secret buried across
From my childhood home
And I can’t work my phone
And I know that it’s wrong

Dream a little dream of mutant alien crocodiles slowly eating you alive

So this morning, (see: Afternoon) during my last 15 minutes of sleep or so, I had a dream that I was being slowly eaten alive by a giant mutant alien crocodile. There was a lot of detail behind it about an alien home world and climate change and shape shifting but I don’t really remember all that jazz. I do remember the part where I was running through a swampy forest pursued by an unnaturally fast croc alien who kept catching me and biting parts off of me. Like at least one arm and one leg but I think even more than that. Finally he cornered me and bit my face off and I died. Then the dream continued with me as a floating disembodied witness to the action. Cool, awesome, thanks for that one unconscious mind. It was actually a very interesting story line but when I woke up that was all I could recall. On that lovely note, I’m going to go to bed and hope for some nicer dreams tonight. I mean c’mon, give me a fun dream where I can fly, or a sexy dream, or basically anything not horrifying please please please okay good night.