It’s Christmas. A lot of stuff has been happening… Like… A lot. I got my Master’s degree. Officially. We *might* be getting a fucking house, like for real. *Knock on wood* and my brother and i finished our five song EP. We’re going to be giving it to our parents in the morning, as a gift. For this reason, I’m more nervous and excited about Christmas morning than i have been since i was a literal child. I’m definitely nervous, but also, so excited. I just hope it goes well. I hope all of this goes well. *Knock on wood* I’m gonna try and sleep now i guess, even though that seems impossible. We’ll see. Peace.

My my

My album. My album is fucking recorded. It’s done it’s done it’s fucking finished. My soul project, my sole project. It needs to get mixed and mastered but man but man, it’s fucking recorded. 13 songs lots with my vocals. My fucking lyrics and vocal melodies my fucking ukulele riffs extreme. When it drops, when this fucking thing finally drops, all y’all can have it for free. (Donations accepted and appreciated!) Ha, it’s nuts man. I’m really glad my vocals worked out for the last song we recorded. I wanted to be on that track, I fucking wrote the whole damn thing. Even though a professional stranger probably *could*have sang it better than me, it’s mine and I’m selfish and it’s my soul kid and my voice. I’m excited about this album you guys. It’s a bright spot in what is otherwise a highly stressful and generally shitty time happening around me. I’m holding on to it to help myself move forward. Keep my breathing bits above the water. I don’t even know. We aren’t even 100% settled on our band name right now, so that’s something we need to deal with before this happens. Also need to get a copyright for the whole thing. It’s nuts. A project my brother and I worked on for like 3 years, drawing to a close. And if I do say so myself, the final product is pretty fucking rad.

“Working on your songs all night to justify your worthlessness”

… is what I’ve been doing! So tired! So much music stuff. We still hardly got anything actually recorded, but we did make some progress and we collaborated to write a really nice bass line for the song we are currently trying to record. So that was pretty dope. We created a sort of circuit making bracelet so I didn’t have to be a human circuit while we recorded the guitar. ( see my entry titled adventures in recording ). However, we decided we were getting a better sound with a microphone than with the electric pickup, so we recorded it like that instead and I had to hold a finger over the strings right by the bridge to create the slightly muted sound we were going for and that was fairly tedious, not to mention kinda hard on my fingers. We finished at about 4:45am and now I’m waiting for my laundry to finish washing so I can throw it in the dryer and hopefully pass out.
Okay! I did it! My mom is waking up to go to work in like ten minutes, maybe I will stay up to say hi to her. Haha.
I’m excited to return home tomorrow. My personal life is heating up in all kinds of interesting ways. I hope I can get enough sleep to be functional… then again I might be more compliant if I am exhausted. I was given a very specific, detailed, well written set of instructions and I’m probably going to read them four or five more times before the actual time comes. It is exciting and slightly unnerving. I’m trembling just a little tiny bit at the thought. Okay, enough of all this for now. I would say this has been one of my weirder entries… but it probably hasn’t really.