Sleepasaurous wrecks

Dude since I stopped drinking during the week and stopped taking otc sleeping pills nearly every night I’ve been having trouble shutting off my brain and falling asleep. Wow, surprise surprise, right? So I lay here and try try try to keep my brain from obsessing over the past, all the bad things (yeah that’s you, yeah that’s you, yeah). And stressing over the future and getting the wild urge to get up and work and write and create. Our album is done. It’s ready. It’s mixed and mastered and now all we have to do is get all our sites in order, and fucking let it fly out into the world. I’m wicked anxious about that tbh. But a little excited. For now I really need to freaking zzzzzzzzzz. Let’s give it another try.


Titled un

Late. Awake, waiting. For what? I don’t. I don’t. Wait. slick pearls of damp dread, me wanting to hurt myself for the first time in a long time. Because it’s different, it’s different when you do it yourself. But I won’t because I would feel childish and mad at myself later. He would be mad at me and look at me with that one face that is part disappointment, part anger, part love, part possessiveness, and a tiny shining glint of humor. “I’m the only one who’s allowed to hurt you.” he would say, and it would sound romantic to me, because of the structure of our relationship and the things we do when we are alone. And maybe it is enough, tonight, to just say that I feel that pull. Tonight, i think t is enough. Instead, go downstairs. Plug in for a while. Check the disks, make a switch, think about something, anything, else. Tumblr is good. Tumblr is my favorite. I wish it wasn’t already nearly 3am. Or maybe I wish I was tired, or something. Curious, just, how would the night have gone if I had simply not mentioned the hot water. Mysteries of life and things I’ll never know. Tagged/lol … and scroll.