Hahaha everything feels sad to me. My period surprised me and all the emotions I’ve been holding in check are all up on me. The main themes in Hamlet are madness, revenge, religion, and political instability. Fight me if you thing I’m wrong. Fight me if you think i have too many weeds in my front yard. I choose trial by combat and my weapon of choice is the force of my unbridled anger about the way the bourgeoisie exploits the proletariat. Maybe we should get married for the wedding gifts. Maybe i should live off loans and get a doctorate. Maybe love is that steel you find when your loved one needs it. Maybe it’ll be alright if i can just move past this. Yeah. I’ll tease and lead you with the promise of a goal and I’ll destroy and feed you to a spectre or a ghost, it’s good. The rooms of all my dreams are all filled up with bad mistakes, the ones i’d let go and the ones i would just make and make. Yeah.


So I just agreed to do MAD CURATION this week. Because I never know exactly when I’m going to get more work, and how long I’ll have when I do, and what the hell my life is going to be like in the interim, I’m going to do a shit ton of work between now and next Wednesday while I can get it. I’m going to curate 2,000 items to be exact. My client promised a $100 bonus for every 1,000 items, so that means assuming everything works out and I don’t fuck anything up, I’m going to make just shy of $1,200 in just over a week’s time. That’s NUTS money yo. That’s by far more than I’ve ever made in that amount of time. If I could consistently make that much, man. It would be amazing. Seriously, if I could make that much every 9 days I could have a house within a year. Unfortunately that isn’t how it works. It isn’t that consistent. It’s highs and lows and lows and highs. Even so. Even so. Right now I’m pretty psyched about this. We were starting to run kinda low on the funds and this is going to kick it back up quite a few notches, it will also ensure that I have November’s rent sorted by mid-September. Hell yeah man. Hell yeah. I’m nailing my responsible adult biz pretty well, except I have to fucking call about my insurance stuff tomorrow!! Seriously I fucking have to and I keep forgetting about it and I NEED to get that shit done. Fucking bureaucracy totally screwing me up man I really hope they don’t screw me over forever. I would definitely appreciate some health insurance I’ve been trying to get it since LAST DECEMBER it’s been almost a fucking year that they’ve been jerking me around. It’s stressing me out and it’s not cool. They keep fucking up the paperwork and losing my paperwork and they can’t seem to get their heads around my status as a freelance worker. Speaking of which, I should really really really get started on my curation work because I have NEVER done this much this fast and woooh! it ain’ gunna be easy. Peace.


Freelance work is BACK ON. For the moment at least. It’s not writing, it’s something completely different and hard to explain but the work is not TOO TOO TOOOOOO hard I don’t think. I have only done a little bit of it so far. I’m hoping I will get faster and more confident as I go along. Ummmmmmm yeah. Everything is weird, but I’m okay I think. I’m pretty sure. I’m sort of sure. I’m moderately confident. Wicked tired from not sleeping well and having trouble falling asleep and waking up really early to fill out work related forms, and being unable to fall asleep after that. Now I’m about to go to the gym and probably have a mentally exhausting conversation about carbs with my brother because of ReAsOnS. Yyyyyyyeeeeah. >__<  Z__Z (sleeping Z eyes) Maybe I will nap when I get back home. Maybe lots of things will happen and they will be cool? I don’t fucking know.