I should be doing homework, but I’m not, and that’s like… whateva, ya know? I have lots of stuff and it’s all whateva. Next week is apparently fall break? I guess? and I think I’ll be able to hopefully catch up on some shit. Yeah, whateva. I’ll do some shit tomorrow. Ummmmm yeah. okay. Today was pretty productive overall, and I spent some time with my family. It was good. I’m fucking obsessed with rope stuff right now. Like there are so many fucking ties I want to try right now that I’m sort of overwhelmed with it. I don’t even know where to start or what I should try next. I did some practice last night and it was really good. I’m thinking maybe a full torso diamond tie, even though I know that could only be worn for a short amount of time, or like a full body ladder, but that could probably be worn for even less time lol. I just want to learn a bunch of shit, honestly. I’m like way too pre-occupied with it. I want to learn all the basic and intermediate knots and all the possible combos really, haha, dude. Like I don’t think I can really express how pre-occupied with it I am, but there’s just so much. It’s hard to know where to start, what to try next. yeah. okay. okay. yeah. I’m currently waiting for my nail polish to dry so I can go upstairs, go to bed or whatever. I dunno. I wonder if I’m actually going to have a tour tomorrow or not. It’s weird. If I don’t have one I should for sure for sure go to the gym. I need to be getting more exercise. Also I need to take everyone to the zoo or aquarium still lol. HaaaaaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaaa! I should for sure figure out what the fuck is going on about both of the 15 page papers that I have!!! I should!! For sure!! fucking deal with that. I have to come up with whole ass topics for both of them basically. I have ideas for one but fucking goose egg for the other one. My nail polish needs to hurry the fuck up and dry. It’s the “#christmasdomme” polish that the S.O picked out for me. Ugh. I’m feeling so hype and manic right now and thinking about too much stuff. I need to make more fucking money. I need to figure out when to sign up for more classes, grad school style. Oh shit, looks like I can do pre-enrollment basically whenever. Maybe I will do that soon style. Anyway, yeah. cool. I should go upstairs and like try to sleep now or what the fuck ever. Okay, peace.

Receipt fire

I am the master of all wedding venues. I have supreme knowledge pertaining to catering services and how many people can be seated in a room depending on its square footage and whether or not they want a dance floor. Behold my awesome power! For I can describe the same 8 amenities in dozens of different ways! But seriously… But seriously… I’m sick to death of this project, and I think it’s almost over… which is cool in a way but also sucks money wise. I hope they have something else afterward… but who fucking knows. I really don’t know. I guess I should try to contact someone about my grad school application since I still haven’t heard anything and I don’t know what the hell to do and I’ve secretly resigned myself to not getting in but I would really like to know for sure what the deal is. What’s my plan B? … No freakin’ clue bro. I feel stressed to death about a bunch of different shit honestly, but I’m trying to be chill about it. haha. yeah. nice. yeah. I really need to get my insurance application together. Fuck. My friend asked me to review his comic book script for him like over a week ago but I just haven’t gotten around to it at all, and I feel kinda guilty and like a shitty friend dick for taking so long, even though he said no hurry. ugh. Have to pay rent tomorrow, it is the day of reckoning money wise. My guts feel tight and knotted up… and not just because of that off brand pizza lunchable I just ate for dinner. Good thing pizza is a vegetable, am I right? So far I’ve been pretty successful with my quiet goal that I’m not gunna talk about on here. It feels agonizingly slow but I know it’s not really. I’m starting to be able to see it and feel it a bit. It feels nice. It requires CONSTANT VIGILANCE. But that’s okay. I should be living my life vigilantly anyway. I need to go get back to work, so I’m going to do that. Peace.

************** a number of hours later *************

Haha! here I am! I’m feeling pretty jacked on coffee still and I feel like typing more except not typing fucking wedding guide shits I want to type some type of stuff for myself. Like whatever, just to do some fucking thing you know? Just to do something different. I churned out another one and I would like to do two more before I do the sleep thing. Before I do I do I do the sleep thing. yeah. yeah. yeah. cool. That’ll bring me up to a total of 9 today, and a total of 57 all in. fifty-fucking-seven goddamn wedding venue write ups. How many words is that? how many is 500 X 57? *calculator go!* ┬áhaha it’s 28,500 words. That’s like more than halfway to a fucking novel’s worth of words in two goddamn weeks. MORE THAN HALF A NOVEL’S WORTH OF FUCKING DESCRIPTIONS OF WEDDING VENUES. WHAT? IS? MY? LIFE? EVEN?? Too bad it’s not that many words into an actual fucking novel… and instead it’s this thing that’s happening. By the time I’m done tomorrow it’s gunna be 60… or approximately 30,000 words. haha. What even? How did I write so many of these fucking things? How did I even do that?? Good job brain, you’re some kind of trooper. Some kind of sweet sweet thinking friend.

“Working on your songs all night to justify your worthlessness”

… is what I’ve been doing! So tired! So much music stuff. We still hardly got anything actually recorded, but we did make some progress and we collaborated to write a really nice bass line for the song we are currently trying to record. So that was pretty dope. We created a sort of circuit making bracelet so I didn’t have to be a human circuit while we recorded the guitar. ( see my entry titled adventures in recording ). However, we decided we were getting a better sound with a microphone than with the electric pickup, so we recorded it like that instead and I had to hold a finger over the strings right by the bridge to create the slightly muted sound we were going for and that was fairly tedious, not to mention kinda hard on my fingers. We finished at about 4:45am and now I’m waiting for my laundry to finish washing so I can throw it in the dryer and hopefully pass out.
Okay! I did it! My mom is waking up to go to work in like ten minutes, maybe I will stay up to say hi to her. Haha.
I’m excited to return home tomorrow. My personal life is heating up in all kinds of interesting ways. I hope I can get enough sleep to be functional… then again I might be more compliant if I am exhausted. I was given a very specific, detailed, well written set of instructions and I’m probably going to read them four or five more times before the actual time comes. It is exciting and slightly unnerving. I’m trembling just a little tiny bit at the thought. Okay, enough of all this for now. I would say this has been one of my weirder entries… but it probably hasn’t really.

Adventures in recording

So today was kind of interesting I guess. I’ve been in Rio since like five hanging out with my parents and brother. We cooked dinner together and it was good. We took the dogs for a little walk and then at like 10 they sequestered themselves in their bedroom so Mike and I could try and record some vocals. We started by going around the house and silencing everything that makes noise, and then we set up all the equipment, and we did a couple experiments with different microphone positions and stuff, and then it started fucking raining. The mic is extremely sensitive and it picked up the fucking sound of rain falling so we couldn’t do vocals and L-O-FUCKING-L it hasn’t rained in like two months and we really need it but it HAD to be tonight? Really? Sooooo we raged about that for a while and then we decided to use our time productively anyway and record the guitar part of a different song. It’s an electric/acoustic guitar so we could record directly and not have to worry about outside noises. The only issue with that is when the guitar is plugged in it makes a shitty feedback buzzing nose, and the only way to stop the noise and keep it off the recording is for another person to touch one hand to the little metal part where the cord plugs into the guitar, and touch the person who is playing with the other hand, making some sort of crazy human circuit. Sooo I spent like two plus hours as a human circuit, and it was hilarious and ridiculous and we made some cool good artistic progress, but we didn’t get a clean track. All in all it was less than stellar. Now it’s 5 am and I’m pretty tired but idk if I will actually be able to sleep in this hard terrible bed. We will see! I bid you adieu