*withdraws from the world with a soft shirring sound*

I feel rocks, and logs lodged and heavy bricks. Shhhhhh. My snake is shedding for the first time since I’ve had her, and I feel so bad for her. I can tell she feels mad uncomfortable and vulnerable. Keeping the humidity up, and I haven’t tried to feed her cuz she’s all blued out and I don’t think she’ll take it. She just hides and I miss her and I hope it’s over soon.

Man I fucked up my feet really fucking bad the other day. Took a real long fucking walk in high ass shoes. Got mad blisters and raw skin and near fucking heat stroke and fuck everything and fuck me for not being remotely comfortable wearing shorts, so i wear long hot pants and fucking suffer and feel I full well deserve to suffer since I can’t get my fucking body remotely in order enough to feel comfortable in shorts.

Awesome. High five. I feel I feel I feel the fucking eyes. I feel like my body invalidates any of my accomplishments. Man, oh man oh man oh man I really shouldn’t speak with this much fucking honesty. I really shouldn’t write these words explicitly. Just stay and hide and no don’t let them see.

Whatever. Fucking hissssss. Haaaaaaaaaa hiiissssssssss fight me. exhale a certain way that voices your displeasure.
Try to avoid nightmares beyond measure.

Please thoughts please please stop. Let me sleep and eyelids drop

Album Drop!

I’ve talked about my indie style album on here before, and I said I would let you guys know when it came out. Well, you guys, it happened! It came out! It is hella out. It would mean a lot to me if you guys would listen to it, and share it with your friends and family if you like it! You can listen to it on our website, http://kindsmartdangerous.com and follow the link to bandcamp for a download. It’s pay what you want, with no minimum payment set, which means you can get it for FREE! (though all money is appreciated!) Please do this for me guys? This album is my soul project and I would love for you to hear it.

“Working on your songs all night to justify your worthlessness”

… is what I’ve been doing! So tired! So much music stuff. We still hardly got anything actually recorded, but we did make some progress and we collaborated to write a really nice bass line for the song we are currently trying to record. So that was pretty dope. We created a sort of circuit making bracelet so I didn’t have to be a human circuit while we recorded the guitar. ( see my entry titled adventures in recording ). However, we decided we were getting a better sound with a microphone than with the electric pickup, so we recorded it like that instead and I had to hold a finger over the strings right by the bridge to create the slightly muted sound we were going for and that was fairly tedious, not to mention kinda hard on my fingers. We finished at about 4:45am and now I’m waiting for my laundry to finish washing so I can throw it in the dryer and hopefully pass out.
Okay! I did it! My mom is waking up to go to work in like ten minutes, maybe I will stay up to say hi to her. Haha.
I’m excited to return home tomorrow. My personal life is heating up in all kinds of interesting ways. I hope I can get enough sleep to be functional… then again I might be more compliant if I am exhausted. I was given a very specific, detailed, well written set of instructions and I’m probably going to read them four or five more times before the actual time comes. It is exciting and slightly unnerving. I’m trembling just a little tiny bit at the thought. Okay, enough of all this for now. I would say this has been one of my weirder entries… but it probably hasn’t really.