Yesterday was fun and good and I took a break from doing any work basically. I went to Rio to see my parents and my brother met me there and we were all there just hanging out and stuff. My parents have been saying that they keep seeing a ton of people out playing pokemon GO on their nightly walks through the park. I told them I had it (and that I’d only played it for about 5 minutes) and they were like… sooo excited and curious to see what it was like, so when it was cool enough we all went up to the park and I caught a bunch of pokemon and there was a lure there and they were so freakin’ amused, it was hilarious. I let them all hold my phone and try and catch stuff and then my dad wanted to drive around the neighborhood all slow and see if there were more and of course there were. I kept telling him to stop the car and catching stuff and at one point I had to jump out of the car and run back to get a Ponyta, and my mom came with me and everyone was so amused and it was hilarious. Like… I dunno. I just think it’s so nice. It’s something with a  fun and positive intention that a ton of people are doing and it’s bringing people together and that just ???? makes my jaded little heart feel good… I dunno. Anyway, that was the most I ever **actually** played it. I’m not even level 5 yet. But then I came home, and drank wine instead of doing any work, and I was having cramps and everything sucked… and then at like 2am I looked at my S.O and was like “let’s go on a pokewalk” and they were like “okay!” so we did, we went to like 4 different pokestops and caught some shit and **ran** around all drunk and stupid and it was beautiful and good and fun, and that’s what I wrote that last tiny poem about… literal running that happened because I was playing a dumbass game. But for reals? haha, I can run so much easier and faster and farther than I used to be able to. I haven’t tried it in a while and it’s …….. really nice. REALLY NICE. I want more. I hella need to go do my work now tho, okay? yeah. yeah. okay. Peace.



First post from my new phone. It’s taking some getting used to but I think I like it?? Time will tell. I tried to go to the gym today and it was a mini monstrosity. I go to sign in and the dude stops me and tells me my payment from October didn’t go through. My parents pay that shit for me (because I’m lucky and spoiled and they love me) so I didn’t know what to say when he asked me all kinds of questions about it. He let me go for today but said I had to fix it before next time. The encounter was awkward and embarrassing and put me off my shit… But I was already there so I was gonna work out. Then I reached in my pocket and realized I had left my phone (aka my source of music) in the car. I couldn’t stand the awkwardness of having to walk out and back in past that dude and explain it to him… So I stuck my headphones in my ears attached to nothing and did a mile on the elliptical, a couple machines, and peaced the fuck out. Sometimes I wonder if I’m secretly trying to sabotage myself by pulling shit like that.  I don’t know. Whatever. After that my brother came over and we hung out and talked about stuff and watched cartoons, and that was pretty nice. I need to apply for more shit tomorrow. I’m starting to panic.  I need to start getting shit together for my grad school app. *deep breaths* I need to sleep.

New phone

So I got my new phone. It’s the same model as my last one but now the screen is functional, which is nice. I’m still getting it all set up and collecting all my apps
. Just now I felt like making an entry but I didn’t have this app so I had to grab it. My dad just got his first smart phone, and I’m going over tomorrow to help him set it up and learn to use it. My family is super duper late getting on the smartphone wagon. Anyway, it’s really late and I should most definitely be asleep like for reals. Also I’m still teaching this keyboard all my slang and curses. But yeah, seriously, I need to go to bed.

In which I ramble on about boring life things

Finished the not very good book I have been reading. Nursing a strong sense of fear and anxiety about the future and my life and my loved ones and everything. I want to let it go and sleep but I’m not good at doing that. I should definitely use my time more productively. My dudeman has been sick all day and that has sucked. Umm yeah. Not much to report really. Have some work to do tomorrow, taking a dog to get spayed Tuesday. Our mattress topper still smells like gross chemical smells, so we haven’t slept on it yet, even though our mattress feels like a bag of dicks. I’m hoping to have that sorted soon. I feel weird and lonely and my phone keeps me company and I don’t feel guilty because I gave my parents enough money to cover my extra phone cost for five months. Still waiting on both our bright ass phone cases in the mail. (His lime green mine hot pink) I’m hoping they come soon because it is scary to have a naked phone that feels so vulnerable and breakable and weak. I appreciate not being 1,000% broke very very much. Our rent is paid up through May, thanks to my lovely Mr. We have money to do things if we want. I dyed my hair a weird dark purple-ish color and it’s pretty cool. I might take a selfie if I feel up to it, but even if I do I may not post it here since I’m trying to stay pretty incognito. I do hope I get new articles to write soon, this long hiatus is sort of freaking me out. Okay guys, I’m gonna watch some futurama and try to fall asleep if I can. So long, farewell, until next time.

Hope my phone doesn’t fall on my face

Typing in bed, phone above my head. Random anime playing in the background. I have had a whole week off and done virtually nothing with it. Shame. I should practice and play. Read and write and be a useful thing. I feel like i should have started my unfortunate lady time a couple days ago, or something. It is making me basically paralyzingly horny. But i am not good at broaching the subject against his energetic pikes and spikes. I want to throw myself against them but I am a coward in some ways. More ways than i would like. Ready to change the subject. Our latest song is sounding quite good. Quite awesome. I’m getting used to the sound of my recorded voice and cringing at it less. Speaking of which my brother just texted me to come and listen to the latest version, but it is 2 am and i am in bed so i dunno if i want to go do that right now. Ha i went and listened to it and it is lovely. Makes me feel good.
So um yeah. I’m getting pretty tired now, and my phone is down to 17%. I should plug it in and turn my brain off. Maybe read a few pages of the fairly poorly written fantasy fiction book I’m currently reading.

Wrath sleep brain

Typing this on my phone with swipe keyboard. Decided i won’t change anything it ducks up or apricots. Too tired to care and it is funny to see what it’s phone brain thinks I’m trying to say. Really need to teach it about cursing tho. Cuz dam it’s annoying when i try to curse and my phone is all… goddamn motorcyclists sit shot duck Dick Wallet fickler.
I’m laughing way too hard at this i really breed to get some sleep. Haha yeah. Nice.

Post-Post-Halloween Post

I was going to make an entry a few days ago but then I didn’t because I’ve been writing aaay lot for money and I just don’t feel like doing any extra-curicular writing. But! I will anyway right now because… why not? Halloween was not too bad. Our plans ended up getting un-cancelled sorta and we hung out with a couple friends and watched a movie and things of that nature. Check out my sweet Frankenstein(‘s Monster) nail polish. It came out okay, though the picture is pretty terrible. 


We carved pumpkins a few days beforehand at my parents’ house while my relatives were still in town. It was nice. We also busted out all of the Halloween decorations and put some of them up. Here is a picture of my little brother giving a creepy *eyes light up* witch decoration a tender kiss on the cheek. 


My little brother is a grown ass man by the way, as you can tell from the facial hair 😛 

I’ve been feeling sorta sick the past couple days. My throat hurts and I’ve been coughing. Instead of buying cough medicine I bought myself honey which I have been putting in tea and drinking like mad. I finished my first week of my new writing job. It was difficult and I had 2 all-nighters, but I did it. Hopefully I will be seeing that money soon. Or any money really, would be nice. I’m hoping this week won’t be quite as hard since I’m getting the hang of it now. 

Hanukkah is apparently coming up pretty soon, the day before Thanksgiving. All I asked for were things to protect my technology 😛 A phone case, screen protectors, and a new laptop case because I only have a HUGE one for my huge old laptop and my tiny new laptop totally just slides around in there and it really provides next to no protection. I’m enjoying my new phone, it’s very useful. I got it for free, and it’s waterproof, both of which are awesome. I still find myself begin paranoid about it like “oh no! I set my phone down in a little puddle of water!” and then I’m all … oh wait… it’s waterproof,  it could not give less of a fuck. 

Welp! I’m really hungry and I have $10 so …. I should get something to eat but I dunno what to get and I’m all sick and lazy and bluuuugh. But I guess I’ll do something.