tuesday duesday

There’s a new batch of wedding guides up, and it’s a big one. Like…. it’s a pretty dang huge one. So that’s cool, but also sucks simultaneously. If I work hard at it and no monstrosities happen (*knocks on wood*) I should be able to easily make enough to cover all of my immediate expenses. But I’ve gotta work **really** hard at it. Wow, this client is paying like … *does the math* close to $90,000 to get all these guides written. So, that’s pretty nuts and pretty rad for me and my fellow freelancers. Also, have I mentioned that I’m really tired and also I feel sore and also I have a ton of other responsibilities I need to take care of, and a bunch of little things that are freaking me right the fuck out, and stuff of that nature! Yes! True facts about me!

I love Matson Jones. They are forever my Vancouver soundtrack. Riding on the second level of a double decker bus, on a long long silly day trip. Feeling free and good and loved and alive. Hearing these songs and thinking thoughts that made me squirm, in a good way. Being very glad that no one else could hear my thoughts. Sun glaring hot through the window, halfway eavesdropping on the conversation the people in the seat behind me were having in Spanish. They were both charmed to have found another Spanish speaker there. I was charmed by being alive, and taken aback by the beauty in every fucking molecule of the world.

…anyway…  I should definitely be getting back to work, but all I really want to do is eat my stupid spicy cup of noodles and read some webcomics and maybe watch stupid shit on youtube, or whatever. Writing stuff for money is crazy and weird. All the shit you read on all the websites you see was written by someone. A lot of it was written by some mad sad college grad(tm) like myself. If I told small style me that adult me was making money writing, I wonder how I’d feel about it. Haha, woops, that’s definitely not a road of thought I feel like going down. Touched some hot memory stove stuff just then. Whew! let’s just shake that off. Being an adult is pretty horrifying by the way, just saying. Anyway, yeah.

Nose piercing day 4 is going well. Ever day it feels a little more like a part of me. My parents still haven’t seen it, and they don’t even know about it. So that’s a thing. A thing I kinda just wanna get over with tbh. I dunno. Like jesus christ, I’m going to be 28 in a couple months I really shouldn’t be this concerned about what my parents are going to think about what I do with my face. -shrugs forever- Okay, I’m going to go now.