Blister pack

Fall falls and it’s safe

Fall falls and I’m safe

From prying eyes and long sleeve lies

I’m mine I’m mine I’m mine I’m mine

I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine

I’m mine I’m only always mine

I’m fine I’m always fucking fine

It’s a funhouse dream

A gunpowder ream

Smudged haunting words

That fresh cut sting



I’m drowning in the sound or

Maybe I’m just fucking drowning

In expectations

In my stagnant feeling brain

In my fleshy fleshy flesh

In cowardice and denial

In my lack of self control

Tomorrow and tomorrow

And tomorrow

Is such bullshit it’s

Such a fucking cop out

Today is it

Today is fucking it

I promise on my bloody heart

I fucking promise on my ghost

I won’t magically be better tomorrow
Today is it

Today is really really it