hear still

Hey, it’s been a minute, hu? I have like a couple abandoned drunken poems that I started and then couldn’t think of a next line or whatever so I abandoned them, so yeah. that’s whatever. I’m working on personal projects because a long boring story of a thing happened that made me suddenly feel… incredibly discontent with not getting credit for my own work. It’s different if I’m just writing content for a website, and no one is getting credit for it and it’s just credited to the website itself. That’s like… I can live with that. But dude I found an article I ghost wrote for $11 and the person taking credit for it was the VP of Marketing of a huge fucking company. Like she has got to have a fucking 6 figure salary at least and she’s fucking taking credit for my work. Acting like an expert in her field with the help of words I wrote for $11. Bro. Dude. Dude. Bro. For some reason that like… killed my soul guts. SO I’ve been working on two personal projects, one fairly short one novel long. I’m more or less 10% done with both. We’re going on a fucking trip in like 10 days (9 days now I suppose omfg) and I’m like… I’ve got a bunch of shit I needa take care of and get in order before then and I’m getting freaked out about it kinda. But … hopefully I can do it all and it will be okay. I’m not going to think about it anymore right now. I got a lot of exercise today and it was very nice. I went to the gym and then like 20 seconds after I got home my brother texted me and asked if I wanted to go ride razor scooters around the university. I was like… sure, let’s do it. And it was honestly so fun. He brought his dog and his dog ran and we scooted and it’s good exercise, seriously. There were quite a few people around but they were all amused by us and the tiny dog and our scooting around scoot scoot scoot. I kept going ahead and making the dog chase me, thus pulling my brother’s scooter. Ugh, it’s so late and I’m having so many feelings.  I’m currently listening to a pretty weird new album my one of my all time faves, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Okay, I promised myself I would do at least some work on my other project, so I’m going to go do that, and then I’m going to try and sleep I suppose. Peace.


My my

My album. My album is fucking recorded. It’s done it’s done it’s fucking finished. My soul project, my sole project. It needs to get mixed and mastered but man but man, it’s fucking recorded. 13 songs lots with my vocals. My fucking lyrics and vocal melodies my fucking ukulele riffs extreme. When it drops, when this fucking thing finally drops, all y’all can have it for free. (Donations accepted and appreciated!) Ha, it’s nuts man. I’m really glad my vocals worked out for the last song we recorded. I wanted to be on that track, I fucking wrote the whole damn thing. Even though a professional stranger probably *could*have sang it better than me, it’s mine and I’m selfish and it’s my soul kid and my voice. I’m excited about this album you guys. It’s a bright spot in what is otherwise a highly stressful and generally shitty time happening around me. I’m holding on to it to help myself move forward. Keep my breathing bits above the water. I don’t even know. We aren’t even 100% settled on our band name right now, so that’s something we need to deal with before this happens. Also need to get a copyright for the whole thing. It’s nuts. A project my brother and I worked on for like 3 years, drawing to a close. And if I do say so myself, the final product is pretty fucking rad.


Spending some more time recording at my parents house while they’re out of town. My s.o stayed home this time cuz he’s got stuff to do. Plus it’s good for us to be apart sometimes, like healthy n shit. or whatever. He eats like such a fucking bachelor when I’m gone. Sloppy joes and microwave dinners and canned shit. It’s pretty funny. I’ve been spending a LOT of time here, days and still a lot of days to go. but it’s been productive for the most part. My brother and I switched bedrooms, he’s in my childhood bedroom and I’m in his. When I moved out he took over my room cuz of my bigger bed. Then he moved out n they replaced his old bed with a futon. Usually when we both spend the night here we revert to our original rooms, but I hate the hard ass mattress they have in there now. So, I took over this room, put the futon mattress directly on the floor cuz the frame is the fucking worst. Made makeshift curtains to cover the window cuz I like to sleep later than 6am thanks and those weak ass blinds don’t cut it.


Basically made myself a cozy little nest since I’m stuck here for so long. Looking around the house you can tell we’re recording. The piano room, which usually houses a single piano currently has a shit ton of instrument friends.
Electric keyboard, electric drum set, bass guitar, two ukes and a mandolin.



There’s an acoustic guitar around somewhere as well.
*changes into my jams*
Not to mention a lot of computer equipment and microphones and mic stands and so many fucking cords everywhere. Just an insane amount of cords. It’s a mess.
I hope I can actually sleep, here alone. Probably guna read a little and then hopefully pass out. the dogs are asleep so that’s good. I’m guna have a lot of time alone tomorrow, so I will try to be productive. Maybe take the dogs for a walk somewhere nice. idk. It could be fun. Okay, that’s it for me, signing off!