Spending some more time recording at my parents house while they’re out of town. My s.o stayed home this time cuz he’s got stuff to do. Plus it’s good for us to be apart sometimes, like healthy n shit. or whatever. He eats like such a fucking bachelor when I’m gone. Sloppy joes and microwave dinners and canned shit. It’s pretty funny. I’ve been spending a LOT of time here, days and still a lot of days to go. but it’s been productive for the most part. My brother and I switched bedrooms, he’s in my childhood bedroom and I’m in his. When I moved out he took over my room cuz of my bigger bed. Then he moved out n they replaced his old bed with a futon. Usually when we both spend the night here we revert to our original rooms, but I hate the hard ass mattress they have in there now. So, I took over this room, put the futon mattress directly on the floor cuz the frame is the fucking worst. Made makeshift curtains to cover the window cuz I like to sleep later than 6am thanks and those weak ass blinds don’t cut it.


Basically made myself a cozy little nest since I’m stuck here for so long. Looking around the house you can tell we’re recording. The piano room, which usually houses a single piano currently has a shit ton of instrument friends.
Electric keyboard, electric drum set, bass guitar, two ukes and a mandolin.



There’s an acoustic guitar around somewhere as well.
*changes into my jams*
Not to mention a lot of computer equipment and microphones and mic stands and so many fucking cords everywhere. Just an insane amount of cords. It’s a mess.
I hope I can actually sleep, here alone. Probably guna read a little and then hopefully pass out. the dogs are asleep so that’s good. I’m guna have a lot of time alone tomorrow, so I will try to be productive. Maybe take the dogs for a walk somewhere nice. idk. It could be fun. Okay, that’s it for me, signing off!


The backs of my ears

Fucking tired but not tired. Having fairly bad cramps cuz I just fucking started my period, which is g.r.8 timing, since I’m spending the night at my parents house away from my heating pad and other comforts. Also I’m sleeping on the futon in my brother’s room cuz I let him have the big bed because his sheets were already on it and I didn’t feel like dealing with it and it’s 6am already and I’m getting *maybe* 3 hrs sleep. I’m worried about money and I’m worried about my s.o and I’m worried about myself tbh. But… We did have some significant recording success. Laid down vocals for TWO FUCKING SONGS!! I did next to none of the vocals, just ran the board all night and laid down some “ooooh”s. For one song. So that means 8 down 5 to go. Holy shit. Things are happening. I hope I can sleep at least a little. This bed isn’t so bad. I’m probably guna wake up confused about where I am tho. But that’s okay. I’m gonna read a little and then try to pass out. Need to do laundry in the morning.

English major problems and ROASTING HOT CARS (and rope)

Sooooooo yeah, um… I’m now going into my second week with no freelance work. I have been trying my best to get stuff going but so far no one has gotten back to me and it freaks me out and sucks. It’s making me feel pretty stressed, and wicked fucking guilty and also like a terrible shitty failure at life. Like I’m letting down my boyfriend and my parents and not pulling my own weight. I had the chance to take a temporary job that would start in the middle of August, but I turned it down. Mainly because it pays $9.00 an hour and I would make less than $200 a week. I’m used to making $20-25 per hour for my freelance services. It makes me feel gross and used (not in the way I like) to make less than half of that for really hard, really terrible customer service job where I get treated like a servant (not in the way I like). I’m not saying that I feel like I’m above that kind of work… except secretly I do. I have a BA and years of experience in a variety of different fields and I shouldn’t have to fucking work shitty jobs that pay $0.50 over minimum wage. I’m just not going to do that shit anymore. SoooOOooooo I’m going to keep trying to score some freelance gigs and try to communicate with people and e-mail them the right amount to seem determined and persistent but not annoying and obsessive and abrasive. I feel like it’s a fine line and I’m not super good at determining where it is.

In other news… my brother and I did some recording last night. My brother was laying down some vocal tracks and I ran the sound board and everything. Nights where I don’t have to sing are much less stressful for me. 😛  We have been talking for a while about how we both feel like we sound really awesome when singing in our cars, so we decided to try recording in his car, because why not right??! Soooo we set it all up, which took like a half hour.


Here’s a really shitty blurry picture I took. (The garage lighting was horrible for picture taking) You can see the sound board over there on a chair and my bro in his car (he drives a retired police cruiser which is fun and awesome and hilarious cuz people pull over for him sometimes) And we had the microphone going through his window and you can sorta baaarely see it there in front of his face. The thing about recording is, just because something sounds good to the naked ear doesn’t mean it’s going to translate well to a recording at. all. The sound we got out of this was *okay* but not spectacular, and certainly not good enough to suffer through FUCKING ROASTING TO DEATH IN THE SUPER HOT GARAGE. Soooo we packed it all up and set up in the living room and recorded there instead. All in all it was fairly successful.

In other other news… my boyfriend has been watching Shibari tutorials basically the whole time I’ve been writing this and trying out knots  and it’s hella distracting. Oh man he just made a really nice bit gag out of rope and TRIED IT ON ME to make sure it would fit and that was VERY distracting.  So, I guess despite the stress of things un-known, my life is pretty dang sweet.

Coming soon: Reviews for the free kindle smut I’ve been reading, reviews of products for curly hair, more random rambling and personal stories about my life.

AaaAaaaaAAAaaand that’s basically all that’s going on with my life at the moment. How are you guys doing? TeLl Me AbOuT yOuRsElVes!!!!111!!!


So today has been really weird. I came to my parents house at around 5 because we are celebrating father’s day a week late apparently since my mom was feeling all Sick last Sun. My bro and I were also planning on doing some recording. Soooo um yeah it wasn’t bad. We hung out and went to dinner and then took the dogs for a walk in the Bosque and they chased a skunk and almost got fucking spayed which would have really really sucked. But we grabbed them in time. Then we hung out and watched a shitty old episode of twilight zone and my parents went to bed. Then my bro and I started recording. We were re-doing a vocal track of mine cuz the original sucked. It took over an hour but I’m pretty sure I nailed it this time. Soooo that’s good. My boyfriend stayed home and I was concerned about him cuz he was nooooot feeling good today. Now I’m going to spend the night alone in my childhood bed with a new shitty hard mattress. There is a dog sleeping underneath and sorta snoring. It’s hard for me to sleep here but I’m going to try.

Recording and a *new* #1 most traumatizing arachnid experience!

So I spent the last couple days and nights at my parents’ house my little brother, trying to get some recording done. My boyfriend came with me and hung out and kept the dogs occupied so they didn’t make hella noise and fuck up our recording. It was a pain in the ass as usual, but we managed to get one song fully recorded, piano and vocals. That qualifies as a success. One problem we ran into was that there were TONS of crickets outside chirping loud as fuck and the microphone picked that up… so my brother and I ran around outside with sticks trying to scare them off and get them to shut up, which sort of worked. Also the sustain pedal for his keyboard was being wicked loud and clunky, so we took that shit apart, and ended up putting it back together without the outer case on it because it was way quieter that way. Now it sorta looks like a weird post-apocalyptic dystopian future sustain pedal. … or something.


Here’s a picture of our overall recording set up, that we have to set up in our parents’ living room every goddamn time we record and it’s a big pain in the ass and there are a million cords everywhere.


It may look like weird chaotic tangled amateur hour, but all of our recording equipment is professional grade and we get some very nice acoustics in there.

Sooo…. this afternoon before we came back home we were all hanging around drinking some coffee (my brother was actually drinking tea but that really doesn’t matter as far as this story is concerned.) I got to my last sip of coffee, and felt something weird in my mouth. It felt sorta like a soggy piece of paper or something, so I spit it out into the cup. … … …



I flipped right the fuck out when I saw it.  Soooooo After I stopped screaming my bro got me a glass of water and a shot of tequila, which I took immediately and swished around in my mouth before swallowing. I kept FEELING the texture of it on my tongue, over and over. I STILL fucking feel that shit like 8 hours later, if I let myself think about it too hard. My brother is basically THE MOST arachnophobic person I’ve ever met. Seriously, He’s not afraid of many things but for some reason spiders terrify the living FUCK out of him, so he was freaking out baaasically as much as me. And honestly if someone had to get the spider I’m glad it wasn’t him because he seriously might have died. After we calmed down slightly he decided that he wanted to spread the (very dead) spider’s legs out a little so you could tell it was a spider in order to get a picture of it. In his own words: “It happened, we might as well get a picture of it.” It was basically in a little crumpled ball, so my bro took two toothpicks and tried to spread his legs out to get a view of its terrifying spider-y ness. About five seconds after he started doing that, He flipped out and screamed “IT’S COMING BACK TO LIFE!” and jumped back about 3 feet … … It wasn’t really, obviously, but when he poked it he made the body move more than he expected and freaked himself out. His scream freaked me right the fuck out too, because I was still traumatized. … We laughed hysterically after and he apologized for losing his shit, it was fairly hilarious. After that my boyfriend ended up spreading out its spider legs instead, so I could snap this shot.

Aaaaaand that’s basically the story. I’m still sort of traumatized from that whole experience and I don’t think I will be drinking coffee for a bit. I have a TONNNN of work I need to do, and my editor has been busting my {metaphorical} balls all week over stupid bullshit and stuff he is WRONG about which just makes me not want to do my work even more … but I have to, so yeah.


So my parents are out of town for a few days and we came to their house to watch the dogs and try to get some recording done. Unfortunately (but fortunately because I really do need the money) I still have a full batch of articles to write, due on Friday, The website I NEED to complete them has been all fucked up all week and it looks like it is going to continue to be fucked up. But does that mean my client is going to be cool and extend the deadline for me and the other writers? Nope. nope. not at all even a little bit. It’s harder for me to concentrate and get my writing done while I’m here, especially when I would much rather be working on music stuff. We haven’t recorded in a couple months and I was sorta psyched to get  back into it… that is until we actually started doing it and I remembered how hard and terrible it is. But I have my own songs stuck in my head for the first time in a long time, and that’s actually kinda nice. I’m not even sure exactly when I’m going home or how that’s going to work, I need to talk to my brother when he gets home. Before then I need to get some fucking work done. May my brain spark quickly and my fingers be fleet enough to keep pace. 

Maybe the universe *doesn’t* hate my band so much.

Back in Rio, recording again for the umpteenth weekend in a row. Last night we made some significant progress for the first time in 3 goddamn weeks. We had no *major* technical difficulties, and we were finally able to lay down the vocal tracks for the song we’ve been trying to finish for 3 goddamn weeks. It actually went really quickly and smoothly, and we were able to get both our vocals done within two hours, which is like twice as fast as usual, because we have both been practicing it a lot, for 3 goddamn weeks. So! Tonight we are recording a song where I perform 0% of the lyrics, so I kinda get to relax and just run the sound board and adjust the levels of the tracks and listen to make sure the timing and pitch are on point and press the buttons that make actual recording happen. … which actually isn’t relaxing at all even a little, but it is less stressful than having to sing stuff perfectly. My boyfriend came with me over here last night, he hung out with the dogs and kept them quiet while we recorded which was nice. But I do enjoy spending a bit of time apart, for fondness… and I think it’s healthy.

~~~~ several hours later ~~~~

Well, maybe the universe *does* hate my band a little bit! Actually I can’t really blame the universe too much on this one. We were trying a new way of recording piano and vocals at the same time, and we just weren’t as prepared as we thought we were. However, we did learn a lot about how to make it work and I think that will make it a lot easier next time. So… it was somewhat productive I suppose you could say.

Other random bullets about my weekend and other stuff:

-before I came in to record my brother asked me to go into his apartment and get his “computer, monitor, and keyboard” and bring them in with me. So, I did that and got those things, and then when I arrived here and he arrived here it turned out he meant his fucking PIANO KEYBOARD but I brought his TYPING WORDS KEYBOARD because he wanted his computer and that made SENSE TO ME and it was a stupid fucking miscommunication that we both felt stupid over… BUT! his roommate was able to bring it to us, so it wasn’t really a big deal.

– Today we took the dogs for a walk to wear them out so they would be happy and tired and not bug us while we tried to record, but the little dog spazzed out and tried to get under a fence to get at another dog and she got a pretty big cut above one of her front legs. It hardly bled at all, and she didn’t seem to be in much pain, so we just disinfected it and we’ve been keeping an eye on it all day and it already looks a lot better… but it still scared us and we were seriously considering taking her to the emergency vet for a minute there.

– Shout out to the 9 people who followed me since I started vaguely writing about kinky sex stuff.

– I just did some homework and turned it in

-I need to fucking sleep

-I should go to sleep

– I want a new book for my kindle tho.