Oh fuck it’s your turn
To try and grow love
In the void
Oh god it’s my turn
To try and clone love
In the blood



“Come back upstairs for a second, I want to try something” he says and I do. He puts handcuffs on me and threads a rope through them, tying my hands to the door hinge high above my head. “I think that will work” he says, I hear the smile in his voice. He hits me twice, three times lightly with the small flogger. My skin tingles and aches for more. He lets me down and unlocks the cuffs swiftly, kissing me lightly on the forehead. “That will definitely work”.

We go back downstairs and both feel slightly better about our lives, because of even such a brief transaction.

I have a new editor apparently, just got the email about it. So that could be good or bad, depending. It’s a guy and I prefer working with women usually, but my first ever editor Bob Smith was pretty okay, and I wasn’t happy with my last one and she was a lady… so we will see. I need to sleep now, I really really should. Tomorrow holds lots of responsibilities