Apollo guys

Haha dude I’m so fucking stressed out. This whole situation is killing me. My dad is going to make some calls tomorrow and try to help, but idk. Ugh I don’t want that fucking guy to come over here again. Trying to talk shit about the state of the apartment like he knows something. Fuck you, stay in your lane old man. It’s not just the noise tho. I fucking hate living so close to people that I fucking hate. Like they’re feet away from me even right now. It just doesn’t make me feel good, you know? It makes me feel shitty and stressed all the fucking time. Like I can feel bad vibes radiating through the walls. Idk. Idk fucking anything. I’ve got no fucking money, no real prospects, I need to do shit, make changes. I don’t know what to do. God I don’t want to deal with moving, with possibly staying with my parents for a while,  little to no privacy, ugh. Just…. Ugh. but this fucking blows too and I don’t have high hopes that it will change. but maybe it will. I’m kinda scared to see what happens when my dad calls these people. Idk. Idk. I’m sorry I can’t just fucking fix it. I’m sorry my degree is next to worthless and my freelance shit is so unreliable lately. It blows hard kids. Hard indeed. I’m trying to stay strong and shit but I don’t feel strong at all. I’m sorry. I’m so tired I really need to sleep please let me sleep.