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“Share your story here” okay WordPress. Once upon a time it was 2:30 in the morning, I had just finished writing the 5 articles I promised to deliver. And I really should have been asleep, but I couldn’t fucking sleep, because my brain was awash in thought and ideas and images and full formed games and half formed plans. I start to blame myself. I wasn’t engaging enough. I didn’t inspire enough feeling. And maybe that’s true, and definitely I could always improve, but it’s not fucking useful to berate myself. It’s new still and I’m new at it, still. But I’m good. I have a true spark and flame and flare for it. I found it and it’s mine and I’m finding more of it still. I want to be strong. I want muscles and muscles and it feels good to want that. I have everything I need to forge ahead. I have thoughts on thoughts on thoughts. And they all lived happily ever after, the end. 


welding gloves

Here I am again, another night of writing shit for money. I am very very tired, but I still have … like… 8 fucking articles that I have to write before I can sleep, because I procrastinated a shit ton and didn’t do anything yesterday… or today during the day. So now here I am. Hold up. Okay, three done, five to go. It’s almost midnight. Lol. this sucks. In an ideal world, I would be done with this in 2 hours, by 1:45, so I can snag like two hours of sleep before waking up to be a Good Significant Other(tm). Buuuuut I dunno if that’s really possible or not. These are like… bottom of the barrel articles. Weird, obscure topics that are harder for me to write about. Still, I’ll do what I can. Okay. here we go. Lmao I’m writing about fucking toilet parts and stroller boards (which are apparently a thing you can attach to a stroller for like a toddler to stand on or whatever. I literally had no idea it was a thing until about 3 minutes ago) Mkay, those are done. 3 to go. It’s 12:30. We’ll see what happens I guess.  Okay, 2 to go, but now it’s 1:15. I’m Very Tired. lol. lol. lol. C’mon, I can do it. I’ve written 6 of these fucking things since I got home from my tour. Okay. Last round. let’s finish it. Wrenches and water filters. Okay. done. done. okay. I had more stuff I wanted to write, but I’m fucking exhausted and it’s 2:15, so peace.


I should be doing homework, but I’m not, and that’s like… whateva, ya know? I have lots of stuff and it’s all whateva. Next week is apparently fall break? I guess? and I think I’ll be able to hopefully catch up on some shit. Yeah, whateva. I’ll do some shit tomorrow. Ummmmm yeah. okay. Today was pretty productive overall, and I spent some time with my family. It was good. I’m fucking obsessed with rope stuff right now. Like there are so many fucking ties I want to try right now that I’m sort of overwhelmed with it. I don’t even know where to start or what I should try next. I did some practice last night and it was really good. I’m thinking maybe a full torso diamond tie, even though I know that could only be worn for a short amount of time, or like a full body ladder, but that could probably be worn for even less time lol. I just want to learn a bunch of shit, honestly. I’m like way too pre-occupied with it. I want to learn all the basic and intermediate knots and all the possible combos really, haha, dude. Like I don’t think I can really express how pre-occupied with it I am, but there’s just so much. It’s hard to know where to start, what to try next. yeah. okay. okay. yeah. I’m currently waiting for my nail polish to dry so I can go upstairs, go to bed or whatever. I dunno. I wonder if I’m actually going to have a tour tomorrow or not. It’s weird. If I don’t have one I should for sure for sure go to the gym. I need to be getting more exercise. Also I need to take everyone to the zoo or aquarium still lol. HaaaaaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaaa! I should for sure figure out what the fuck is going on about both of the 15 page papers that I have!!! I should!! For sure!! fucking deal with that. I have to come up with whole ass topics for both of them basically. I have ideas for one but fucking goose egg for the other one. My nail polish needs to hurry the fuck up and dry. It’s the “#christmasdomme” polish that the S.O picked out for me. Ugh. I’m feeling so hype and manic right now and thinking about too much stuff. I need to make more fucking money. I need to figure out when to sign up for more classes, grad school style. Oh shit, looks like I can do pre-enrollment basically whenever. Maybe I will do that soon style. Anyway, yeah. cool. I should go upstairs and like try to sleep now or what the fuck ever. Okay, peace.

Stay whelmed

Holy shit you guys. I’m suddenly feeling soooooooo fucking overwhelmed. Let’s make a list of ALL THE THINGS I have to do and also things that are happening.

  • 5 freelance articles due by Monday, I’m trying to knock out some (if not all) of those tonight
  • Another client keeps bugging me about that weird side project, that I really don’t have time to do, but they are threatening to exclude people who don’t do more from the next part of the project
  • Weekly assignments due Sunday/Monday in two classes
  • I tried to take the weekly quiz for a class and the internet briefly died after I finished the second question and the quiz was automatically submitted so I got a fucking 2/10. I e-mailed the professor and hopefully he will be cool and let me re-take it, but who fucking knows.
  • I have an ACTUAL FUCKING PAPER due on Sunday, that requires 3 sources and a works cited and all of that shit. LMAO fuck.
  • I’m scheduled for a tour on Saturday night and there is a high probability that I will have to do one tomorrow night as well.
  • I need to work on getting all the stories down… like… within the next few days.
  • My fucking drivers license will be officially expired tomorrow, so I gotta make it down to the MVD and deal with that shit.
  • I’m having issues dealing with a financial aid thing that I’m trying to get and they are being difficult difficult lemon difficult.

So yeah, I’m like… feeling super fucking overwhelmed. Also I’m pretty sure my period is about to start in the next few days, which is definitely definitely not helping me feel stable and calm. I’m having emotions and thinking about personal life shit and it’s all too much man. I’m trying really hard not to freak the fuck out tbh. I’m even feeling some bullshit self destructive urges which hasn’t happened in a while. I need to chill out and I need to fucking work. So that’s what I’m going to try to do right now, for the next few hours. I might update this or I might not, we’ll see. peace.

*update* 1:50am. Wrote all 5 freelance articles. Didn’t do any of the weird side project but might spend a few minutes knocking some out before I go to bed. My plan is to *hopefully* *knocks on wood* get that quiz sorted tomorrow and finish everything else for that class and go deal with my drivers’ license. Then I’ll have Saturday before my tour and Sunday before Kansas midnight to do the paper. The shit that’s due on Monday I’ll do on Monday before Kansas midnight. That’s my plan. That’s the plan. We’ll see. We’ll see. We’ll see. Okay, night. *Update again* lmao I forgot to figure out when I’m going to make time to write out / memorize / practice all my ghost stories. Lmao. I guess I’ll just have to cram that in somewhere. Tight. Cool. Cool. Tight. Okay, peace for realz

worklate template

Things I’m currently doing:

-Writing two freelance articles simultaneously

– Doing a weird side project for another client that I have to do in order to be in the running for a supposedly ongoing writing project later

– Trying to find online versions of my grad school textbooks

-Trying to work out my grad school schedule for the week and what I have due and when

– Feeling generally overwhelmed about fucking everything lololololololololololol

I also really need to practice my fucking ghost stops, but like… when?? lol. I hate doing it here. I can’t do it right now while the S.O is trying to fucking sleep. My brother said that I could do it on your walks, just like… do it while we walk. I think that’s a good idea and I want to try that, but it isn’t enough. I need more practice than that. I want to have it all down perfectly so it isn’t a thing I have to think about or worry about any more at all. That’s the goal. Wait, hold on *does a side project thing* okay, so yeah. I’m overwhelmed lol. It’s suddenly just… a lot. Honestly?? I would prrrobably consider dropping out of the ghost tour thing, even though I do like it, and do think I’ll be good at it, except that like… everyone in my life thinks it’s the coolest shit ever, and wants to come see me do it, so like… I would feel pretty dumb if I just said J/K Dudes! I gave up because it was hard and I was busy! Like… that’s not really my style, so I’m going to stick it out, and do my best, and practice. Hold on, I have to go write an article about bike tires or some shit. Okay, I wrote one about bike tires and one about phone cases. Now I’m gunna do a little of the weird side project. Oh, and also I forgot I have money in my upwork account that I should for sure transfer to my bank. Okay, done with that. Now I’m guna write about money handling equipment and plastic modular food storage units. Also, I apparently stabbed under the nail bed of one of my nails, which is a thing I haven’t done in quite some time and thought I was basically over doing, buuut there ya go. Soooo I guess I should clip my nails or something or whatever. Okay, finished writing both of those and did another round of the weird side work. That leaves just one more article for this little unit of time. I should probably do it right now. But also, it’s 1am and I’m guna have to wake up (albeit briefly) at 3:45 … so like… ugh. Actually, whatever. fuck it. Let’s write it. It’s guna be about bike lights and reflectors. Let’s just kill it and be done. Also, I got a new car stereo today, I’d definitely like to get that put in soon so I can have music in my car again. I miss having music in my car. Ok, I gotta go write. Okay, fucking done with that. Gunna do one more super quick round of weird side work, and then I’m heading to bed, to lay down for two hours. Tight. tight. t-t-t-t-tight. Shit’s weird man.


awnings and offings

Hi, hello, hello, hi. I should probably be trying to go to sleep but I feel really pumped up and not tired at all. Tonight I had a ghost tour and it just poured rain the entire time. It was beautiful, and honestly so much fun. I just observed and didn’t try to do any stops. We did the rain rout and stayed under awnings and it poured and poured and poured. I got soaking wet, it was lovely. We got more tips than I’ve ever seen a tour get. Now I’m home. There’s a chance that my financial aid for grad school is going to get dropped into my account today. That would honestly be so amazing and lovely. **knocks on wood** I reallyyyy hope everything goes through. I’ve got a lot of bills to pay, and that would be immensely helpful, honestly. Actual school starts the 21st. I’m a little nervous tbh. I don’t have to do another tour this week until Friday, which is really nice because I have a lot of other stuff going on. I’m trying to balance everything and everyone. I need to write and I should ghost study on my own. Also, since last night when we talked about it I’ve been thinking about **stuff** a lot. I’ve been thinking about allowing myself to be as vulnerable as a child. Truthfully I’m wildly intrigued.  That sort of attention and care and structure sounds… super appealing to me right now. Soooo…. that’s a thing. and that’s all I’m going to say about it right here. I think I’m going to take a benadryl, and then try to sleep. I might watch a bit of the “The Dead Files” episode I just found out about that’s about one of the stops on my tour.


Feeling slightly better today, stronger  (right now anyway). Why?? ?? Couldn’t really tell you. I have the exact same $-4 that I had yesterday, and tomorrow I really have to actually deal with that, since the bill is due Saturday. Even so, I feel stronger. Fucking follow me unwanted today. I got a super tiny batch of wedding guides, 5 of em. $100 for -one month from now- me. That’s nice. I wish I would have gotten (or even ever fucking heard back from) that tour guide job I applied for. I would have been genuinely good at it, just saying. I’m having an awfully hard time concentrating on wedding writing bullshit. It’s so tedious and my brain is not into it at all. But… I’m doing it. It’s happening. All of my music is making me want to cry lol. wtf even am I?

One down four to go. I think I’m going to switch to doing two at once now and then it’ll just be two sets of two and that’s no big fucking deal bro. They’re due in like 3 hours or something which is like an hour more than I strictly need… though I should still not waste too much time. I’m tired. I would drink more coffee but my heart is not feeling tired lol. Strength, stay with me. You taste like pasta but I like kissing you. I wonder if I taste like honey and peanut butter.

Three down two to go. 1.5 hours to finish them both. That’s suddenly cutting it a bit close I guess, but actually sorta not really, but sorta. I just found out that two more of my snakeskin necklaces sold, which is fucking awesome because that’ll be like … $20-something. If I can get it tomorrow that would solve my $-4 problem and I could maybe even eat something besides noodles. I need to make more jewelry stuff apparently. Strength, I need another hour. please.

Five down none to go. 16 minutes to spare. I really didn’t need to cut it that close, but I loves me some procrastination apparently. Still, it’s done. It’s done and my strength is spent. I should do other things now. Applications, make some new jewelry, grind up a bunch of leaves and make a fragrant oil. We’ll see how much of that actually ends up happening. I’m tired. Fundamentally exhausted. Honestly all I want to do is read and sleep right now. **shrugs** Peace.