The universe hates my band!

Trying to record again. My brother’s laptop charger broke forever and his laptop only had 8% battery and we had to record something off it on order to be able to lay down vocals and it fucking died like… 30 seconds before it was done recording. I got so pissed that I tensed up all of the muscles in my neck really hard to avoid issuing a massive scream filled with endless sorrow. I tensed up so much that my neck has fucking hurt the rest of the night and it still does. So yeah we got a tiny bit of recording done and we worked on polishing up some lyrics but that’s it. No vocals. So now it’s almost 5 a.m.and I’m gunna play a stupid hidden objects game and try to make my brain shut up so I can sleep. lolololololol it was nearly pointless for me to even come here.