The Seagrape Private Dining Room

I’m doing a *flash in the pan* set of wedding venue guides today. Like… 10 in 10 hours, the pool is already empty and done and I have one more in my queue and then that’s it. They went sooo fast, faster than I’ve ever seen them go I think. It was pretty crazy, but I will have made $200 in one day which is not too bad. Still, I need way more so I hope more things happen soon. (please, more things… I need you to happen soon…) Anyway, yeah. whatever. I went to a literal wedding (pre)ception yesterday, and it was mostly boring and basically nothing and whatever, but I still have some feelings about it I guess?? That are weird and I’m not going to try to analyze them or address them at all really because it doesn’t matter and isn’t important at all and it’s fleeting and unnecessary and yeah. It’s mostly just making me feel slightly more grossed out about writing these guides than I usually do… which is sorta saying something?? but damn, it’s good money. I need more of them and I need them very very soon. Like… tomorrow soon. Like… right now soon. -deep breaths- okay, yeah. Like I said, I only have one left in my queue (in my q. fuck those extra super unnecessary four letters.) So I’m going to just … finish that shit real quick and then be done. This is the first **actual work** I’ve done on this netbook, and it’s worked perfectly, fast and accurate, absolutely no complaints. The keyboard is responsive and easy to use and I’ve already gotten used to all the little differences between this and my old laptop. (two fingers = right click) I love how lightweight this thing is, it’s basically just a giant smartphone with a keyboard. My literal phone has four times as much storage space actually… which is fucking nuts. But like I’ve said, it’s basically perfect for what I use it for, which is pretty much 80% typing, 10% web surfing, 10% netflix watching. And it cost $107 which is amazing and yeah I would highly highly recommend it for people who just need something light and functional. I dunno why I was so hung up on having storage space before. Like.. for what?? Right. Okay. I’ve procrastinated long enough, it’s time for me to go finish my work. Peace.



I’m having emotions. I just listened to a patreon exclusive THING and read a whole fucking play that goes with it and now I have feelings. Anyway, yeah. okay. whatever. I’m really liking my new netbook. This is the first time I’ve used it for an extended period of time, and it’s pretty rad. Especially considering it literally cost $107 brand spankin’ new. Like… no way you could possibly beat that. God, I want to write a song. Why don’t I write a song? Why can’t I write a song? I want to write a thrashing, screaming song tbh. And speaking of thrashing and screaming I really want to go to the coheed and cambria show on the 20th, but I have literally no money, and it’s only $30 for a ticket, but that’s also the day that my electricity bill is due or they are going to shut off the power… soooo…. ya know… priorities. But my bones itch for it, and my nose ring would make a very nice addition to my Concert Aesthetic(tm) (Although I would be hella paranoid about it in the pit tbh. I usually don’t wear any jewelry because of *being scared of getting it caught* reasons. Still, my *one hand up to protect the face and one hand out for shoving* technique has served me really well, so it would probably be fine.) Soooo yeah, that was a cool random tangent. Also, the battery power on this thing is amazing so far. It’s still got 40% battery and I’ve had it since Saturday and only charged it THE ONE TIME. I should go to sleep now, but I also kinda wanna stay awake forever and get the chapter that I promised just… finished. Seriously, I feel so rusty at descriptive writing?? Like I honestly can’t tell if I’m doing terrible or okay. ??? -shrugs forever- I’ve still only barely started so I will probably keep getting better. We’ll see. Okay, I need to be done doing this right now anyway. I should for sure try to sleep as soon as I can, lol. But …. we’ll see what happens with that. -shrugs more and just keeps shrugging- peace!

Oy gevalt!

Aaaaaahhhh my laptop charger just died. At least I really fucking hope it was my charger and not something wrong with my laptop oh please oh please oh please. I bought a new one on Amazon and it will be here by Saturday thanks to magical mystical Amazon prime. And I really hope it fixes the problem. In the mean time… uuuuughgghhhh. Why technology whyyyyyyyyy??!

Post-Post-Halloween Post

I was going to make an entry a few days ago but then I didn’t because I’ve been writing aaay lot for money and I just don’t feel like doing any extra-curicular writing. But! I will anyway right now because… why not? Halloween was not too bad. Our plans ended up getting un-cancelled sorta and we hung out with a couple friends and watched a movie and things of that nature. Check out my sweet Frankenstein(‘s Monster) nail polish. It came out okay, though the picture is pretty terrible. 


We carved pumpkins a few days beforehand at my parents’ house while my relatives were still in town. It was nice. We also busted out all of the Halloween decorations and put some of them up. Here is a picture of my little brother giving a creepy *eyes light up* witch decoration a tender kiss on the cheek. 


My little brother is a grown ass man by the way, as you can tell from the facial hair 😛 

I’ve been feeling sorta sick the past couple days. My throat hurts and I’ve been coughing. Instead of buying cough medicine I bought myself honey which I have been putting in tea and drinking like mad. I finished my first week of my new writing job. It was difficult and I had 2 all-nighters, but I did it. Hopefully I will be seeing that money soon. Or any money really, would be nice. I’m hoping this week won’t be quite as hard since I’m getting the hang of it now. 

Hanukkah is apparently coming up pretty soon, the day before Thanksgiving. All I asked for were things to protect my technology 😛 A phone case, screen protectors, and a new laptop case because I only have a HUGE one for my huge old laptop and my tiny new laptop totally just slides around in there and it really provides next to no protection. I’m enjoying my new phone, it’s very useful. I got it for free, and it’s waterproof, both of which are awesome. I still find myself begin paranoid about it like “oh no! I set my phone down in a little puddle of water!” and then I’m all … oh wait… it’s waterproof,  it could not give less of a fuck. 

Welp! I’m really hungry and I have $10 so …. I should get something to eat but I dunno what to get and I’m all sick and lazy and bluuuugh. But I guess I’ll do something. 






What’s up spoopy people? Not too much here really. I’m doing work in another tab, but that’s pretty much it. I painted my nails all Halloween status because fuck yeah! Halloween forever! I still have like 2 more halloween nail styles I wanna try by the end of the month, but we’ll see if that actually happens. I’m still loving my tiny new laptop. Unfortunately, my phone decided to fucking break forever. The screen won’t stay lit up when I slide it open (I have a ghetto phone, shut up. Don’t judge me.) It will only stay lit up if I hold it a very specific way and that is NOT the way I need to hold it to text and otherwise fucking use it for stuff. So…. It’s like *barely* usable at this point. Which is extremely un-cool and it’s probably going to be MONTHS before I can do anything about it. I can have a free phone upgrade through Verizon (If I commit my family to another 2 years with them….) but it would cost an extra $20 per month, and I genuinely don’t fucking have that right now. At. All. Sooooo I dunno. I guess I’ll just try to deal with it for now. I guess I could go back to the EXTREMELY ghetto phone my parents keep as a backup, but I re-he-heeeally don’t want to do that either. Whatever. Ugh. I need to go back to my work, so it can be done and I can be free of it. Laters creatures.

Tiny tech

Yooooo! I’m pretty much loving my tiny laptop. (except windows 8 sucks but I’m getting used to it and also the space bar is a little weird but I’m getting used to that too.) But really, it’s awesome and pretty much exactly what I wanted / needed. I have not had a fully functional computer for a loooooonnnnnng while. *self high five* I’m really happy with it. I haven’t bothered to try and call the credit card companies to see if they can help me with that money I lost… but… I still should. I just ugh hate talking on the phone especially to call center people. But really I’m super happy about this piece of technology. It’s so small and light weight and pretty much exactly what I wanted. I just realized last night that it doesn’t have a CD player which is okay I don’t actually need one, it’s just kinda weird. I’ve never had a computer without one before. But it’s really small so I don’t really see where they’d put one anyway.

………….. In other news……………



We saw Murder by Death in concert last night.  It turned out that they weren’t going on until like 11pm so we were there *way* too early. We walked around downtown and got a drink and pizza and it was raining lightly and beautiful. Before we decided to go for a walk we were in the venue we saw these three guys playing pool (quite well) and we were talking to my cousin and her friends and sort of in their way. We didn’t pay much attention to them besides that. However, a few hours later when Murder by Death finally took the stage we realized that it was the main goddamn singer and the 2 male members of the band playing pool right next to us for like an HOUR and WE DIDN’T RECOGNIZE THEM. We all sorta freaked out about that. They played pretty much every song that I really wanted to hear. We were riiight up close to them, (as you can see from the pics) it was a tiny little venue. The cello player is my favorite. She’s super talented and Mike and I joked the whole time that we were going to steal her for out band.


Buuut yeah. They’re one of my favorite bands. Their new album is awesome.

So! I’m going to stop writing this now. I have adult chocolate milk and potato vodka and cheese flavored popcorn so… peace!

I.T. (Internet Things)

I can’t wait for my new laptop to arrive. It should be here Monday. Not having a working computer makes online classes and my article writing job very difficult. I’m really tired of borrowing my dad’s hulking dinosaur laptop that  has no memory and gets so goddamn hot I can’t even hold it after like 15 minutes.  I’m still really pissed off / slightly depressed that I lost $200 to a fucking ebay scam. There doesn’t seem to be any way for me to recover the money, which really bothers me and makes me rage because that’s enough to get one of our songs professionally mixed but I just fucking lost it and uuuuuuuuuugh. So on Monday or Tuesday when I have some time I might try calling some of the ebay / paypal higher-ups. My dad found a bunch of numbers for me. I don’t know if they’ll be able to do anything because it’s *been more than 45 days* (because I was dumb and gullible and naive enough to believe this company was actually going to send it to me and it was just taking a long time) but I’m willing to give it a try. I’m not quite ready to just give up. (I’m also not done being mad at myself over it.) I have lots of work to do and that’s what I definitely should be doing but uuuugh. I just want to mess around on the internet and watch netflix and not use my brain until it turns into goop and drips out of my nose and makes it easier for the Egyptians to mummify me.