Hey, so, since I last wrote on here I went on a whole ass trip and came back. I just remembered that I originally made this wordpress account on the last family reunion trip, because I needed somewhere to write about stuff. This time I literally didn’t open up my laptop once the entire time I was there. Barely looked at my phone either really. I just existed, and lived, and did stuff. I didn’t even really take that many pictures, but I took a few, so I suppose I can go ahead and post them here. Basically my whole extended family on my mom’s side (21 of us in total) all stayed together in a mansion style house. It looked like this:

img_20170514_171329163.jpgAnd there was enough space so that the S.O and I had our own private room and bathroom, which was rad. (The window on the far left side, 2nd floor with that little walk off balcony railing was for our room.) It was basically located in like… this whole weird subdivision just filled with these mansions that people rent out. It was kinda a facade basically. It looked really nice but it was only surface deep. There was no soundproofing, the curtains were purely decorative and not functional at all, the towels were scratchy and terrible, stuff like that. Still, it was alright. It was nicer than where we stayed last time. It had its own private pool with squirty fountain things and (that had LED lights at night, it was rad) img_20170514_171656942_hdr.jpg

And the hot tub was only hot sometimes, but it was nice. I swam every day I was there but one. That’s where the most “family reunion-ing” took place really, everyone just hanging around in the pool and hot tub. It was really nice and kinda makes me wish I had a pool (and someone to take care of my pool for me so it’s always nice) The garage was converted into a private theater, which was also pretty rad.


(it was significantly cooler when something other than Live Action scooby doo was playing, but you get the idea) One of the days, like the first day we actually did anything, we went to see a rocket carrying a satellite get launched into space. We were pretty far away, but we could still see it, and we could hear and feel the rumbling. It was interesting. Here is a picture of the crazy looking curly contrail it left:


Wooosh, off into space mothafuckaaaas. That same day was the only day we really ended up at the beach. Our place was a lot further from the beach than I thought it would be, like an hour away basically, so we didn’t really get the chance to go again. But, that’s okay I suppose. I got to touch the ocean, and it was warm like a salty salty bath.


For three of the days we were there we went to theme parks. It was like… just my nuclear family going together and other groups of people went too but we like hardly saw them and it was kinda weird. Anyway, we went to: Disney Magic Kingdom, (least fave. very hot. very lines. rides were not that cool. We got stuck on Haunted Mansion. I did not take any pics.) Epcot, (Liked it more than I thought I would. Walked all around the little world place which was fun. spent forever in Japan. did a couple rides. Didn’t take any pics.) and Universal. (Favorite. very fun. Small enough that it was easy to walk around the whole thing, lots of very fun rides including The Mummy(A+) and Transformers and also a giant roller coaster that I almost didn’t ride, but i’m glad I did because it was very cool (and my dad said he thought i was brave lol)  Overall, very short lines. Did take pictures… because it also had motherfucking Harry Potter World… which was rad. Drank butterbeer, (regular and frozen. Frozen was waaay better even tho it’s not “cannon”lol) rode “Escape from Gringotts”, took this picture:

wp-1495417825315.jpgAnd also this picture:


Did not buy a wand, because the cheapest one was $44 and let’s face it, it’s basically just a stick. Still, overall we had a very fun time.)

The last day of the trip everyone basically hang out around the place, we managed to get like 10 people organized enough to all watch a movie together, and we swam and chilled. The flights to and from were both direct, which was rad. Now I’m home and the whole thing feels sora… surreal. So, I’m taking today to gather my brain and gather myself, and then tomorrow I have to go about actually doing things and getting my shit together. Sooooo yeah! That’s what I’ve been doing and what’s basically been happening with me. Okay, I’m out. peace.


Tiny trip

I’ve just spent the last like… 2 hours looking up online masters programs I could do without taking the GRE… and also that I could get financial aid for. There’s a lot of stuff really, but I don’t know  if any of it is practical, or if it would even be a good idea, like if I could even ever use it to get a better job, you know? I dunno. Like I’m naturally drawn to shit that I know is not lucrative, like “library and information science” Like… why? Whatever.I dunno. It’s something to think about I guess. I also looked into what i would need to do to be a fire fighter, out of curiosity… since that was one of my childhood career ideas, and I still secretly think it could be cool. There is a lot involved, including an EMT certification I wouldn’t be able to get any financial help with. Also physical exams and drug tests and shit. Looking at all of it has made me feel pretty restless tbh… so I’m gunna cut it out for right now.

We’re going on a very smol trip tomorrow, just a couple hours out of town, for a couple nights. I’m looking forward to it, just because it’s something different. Also, there is a swimming pool there, and I haven’t gone swimming in a million zillion years (last time I went swimming was in Martha’s vineyard I think?? … In the literal ocean??) and it sounds fun and good to me. Hopefully it won’t be too cold, but I’ll probably go for it anyway even if it’s hella cold. I kinda wanna get all my stuff packed up tonight so I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow, but that’s probably not necessary. I’m glad this is happening tho, I could really use a change of scenery and just… something new to do for a couple days. Maybe I’ll be able to take a tiny vacation from my brain that will NEVER SHUT UP… buuut that’s probably a long shot. yeah. okay. okay. yeah.

Let’s see… what else? I dunno really. I’ve been listening to the “Alice isn’t Dead” podcast the past few days and I really like it a lot. I’m actually on the next to last episode now. It’s hard for me to concentrate on just one thing at a time, like *just listening* to something isn’t enough stimulation for me, so I have to do something else at the same time … but I like it. It’s given me a couple genuinely creeped out feelings, which is a super high rating for me for anything horror related. We’ve been watching the olympics for the last few days as well, which I like. I stole my brother’s TV antenna and I should give it back to him before he gets back home haha.

I need to do more work on this writing project I started / said I would do. I seriously have it almost entirely plotted out, it’s just a matter of actually fucking writing it at this point. Making it long enough, making it… all the things it needs to be. yeah. We’ll fucking see how that goes. ha. yeah. okay. yeah. I think I can do it I just need to actually do it. 

I should do some of it right now really, probably. Or I could try to get to sleep a little earlier for once in my fucking life. -shrugs a lot- we’ll see. Either way, I’m done writing this for now. I’m taking my laptop with me, so maybe something good and/or creative will happen while I’m there. For now, I’m out. Peace.

Boston Logan

I’m in the airport. I sorta hate travel days, and the actual act of traveling. I want it to be over already, please and thank you. My brother is safely in Vegas. I worry about him when he travels alone, but I know he’s a grown ass man and there is nothing I can do really. I’m trying to knock out one more article before we get on this plane, so I can be free from having to write any articles tomorrow. I hope they have me down for 6 articles per month and not 15 still because they said they were going to start cutting people’s contracts if they don’t make the article quota they agreed to at the beginning of the project. I said 6 at that point, but then I upped it to 15 for a couple months. But I didn’t say forever, you know? I dunno. It’s awesome to work for a company that finds you totally dispensable and replaceable. Anyway, whatever. I’m just going to do my best ay. I better get back to work if I hope to get this done before I have to go be on an airplane. 

Last Day

I haven’t blogged in a long time. I’m just going to pretend this is my xanga and not worry about it beyond that. I wanted to make entries and entries over the course of this trip but it keeps not happening. I’ve had to do work and it gets in the way of this type of writing. Also I hadn’t gotten my wordpress set up until now. I just bought myself a netbook for $200. (technically my girlfriend bought it for me) it’s small, and also it’s pretty much exactly what I need. It retails for $380, so I feel like I got a pretty sweet deal. Also, free shipping… but it’s coming from China so it might take forever. This is our last night in Martha’s Vineyard. Last night with these people, my humans. My brother already left. We finally have a room to ourselves after almost a week sleeping on opposite sides of the room. I’ve been feeling all manner of things recently. My significant other has recently informed me of a set of desires that coincide with my own. I have been feeling more bright hot squirming inside my body than I have in ages. A near paralyzing readiness for true submission, and pain. It is beautiful. We were In the car with my parents and my aunt, they were talking and distracted. “I’m going to choke you with my belt while my cock is inside of you.” whispered into my ear. I shiver and quake and come alive. I am eager to be home. We have so much to do. I expect I’ll write more about this experience later, I need to talk about Cafe Pamplona and lots of other things. Meanwhile, I ache for the true privacy of our home. It’s going to be a very long day of traveling tomorrow, and a very long day of accomplishing errands on Friday.