sanity window

(5)This is for me. For me to write and live in this little block of white and nothing and whatever. Feeling worn and sick and strange and wanting and weak. Hoping coffee will help. Five wedding guides and $100 stand between me and a hopefully relaxing evening. Now is the time.

(4)Finding my stride quickly and easily. Say the same words in a hundred different ways and it’s easy. It’s nothing it’s meaningless it’s a bag of crisps that’s 94.3% air. This coffee has an aftertaste that tastes like celery to me. Shouldn’t have gotten the organic one. Whatever. oh well. Caffeinated celery bean water what the flip ever.

(3)That one I just finished was for a zoo, which are always kinda fun because it’s at least a little different. Coffee is working even though it’s celery-tastic. Haha, I’m so fucking weak, all the songs that are playing on pandora are almost making me cry. I blame hormones. It’s ridiculous.

(2)Over halfway there. Going fast and going faster. Fingers and brain you all know what to do by now. I’m going to be at 86 total by the end of this day. Good. yes. good. I should shoot for more than 5 tomorrow, I really should.

(1)Hunger is starting to eat at me. hahaha. haha ha. Nice one brain. But really body, you’ve got plenty to burn in there, have at it. Where was I? Oh, right. One more guide to write. It’s about a lighthouse or something? I don’t even know, nor do I care. Soon it will be done and I will be done.

(0) I wrote them all and I’m done and I’m exhausted. I should probably go through and queue up some more for tomorrow, but I dunno if I have it in me really. I’m feeling so drained and strange. But that’s okay. I’m done writing and I made $100 in like four hours and that’s  not bad at all so I’m going to try my very best to let myself stop thinking so goddamn much about everything for a little while. Peace. Love.


Saturday Slaylist

Welp, it’s am and I should absolutely be finishing up my night’s work so I can catch a few hours of sleep… but I had this like 80% put together and I just wanted to have it for tomorrow. (Plus that Kongos shit just came on my pandora again and I was like fuck … I gotta. ) So, hopefully by the time I’m listening to this I will be free, and hopefully it will be a nice Saturday night. This is a beautifully eclectic combination of songs, and I couldn’t be happier with it honestly.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros -40 day dream (rejected this one from an earlier playlist but it’s making a comeback today)

Wax Taylor – Say yes Instrumental mix (What’s a playlist without some electro swing?)

Kongos – I’m only joking (This song grabs a HOLD of me. weird and almost scary. “there’s a song, you’re trembling to it’s tune, at the request of the moon”)

The Bravery – Fistful of Sand (moon version) (this is one of those lyrically  sad songs that make me feel uplifted for some reason??)

Twenty one pilots – Tear in my Heart (“But my taste in music is your face!”)

Skeewiff – Don’t Rock the Boat (electro swing again, just delicious beats and sounds and harmonies and mmm nice)

Atreyu – Bleeding Mascara (Because I flailed around in a mosh pit and screamed my face off to this song yo! always one of my Atreyu faves. Couldn’t resist.)


playlist 38: Autumn Official

Sometimes it’s the weekend, in the waning week of September and the fall air slowly starts to fall over your city. Sometimes you look at Friday night against a backdrop of city lights and feel your chest grow tight tight tight.

STRFKR: Golden Light

Purity Ring – Begin Again

District 78 – Toxic (feat. Cheesa)

Chvrches – Lungs

SOHN – The Wheel

Playlist 37: why am i even still numbering these edition

Today’s playlist features 100% electro pop type stuff… with all female vocals. Deal with it kids. this is what I’ve been listening to lately because i just have yo. It doesn’t hit me in the feels but it still sometimes makes me feel. It’s fun and light and flighty. Wishing you all as well as my bad self a good weekend. Much love.

1. Purity Ring – Flood on the Floor

2. Melanie Martinez – Soap

3. Tritonal – Still with me (Ft. Cristina Soto) (Seven Lions Mix)

4. Lips – Everything to me (Adventure Club Mix)

5. Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing (Feat. Florence Welch)

Playlist 36: songs for saturdays

Whenever I’m writing articles I feel like making a playlist. It’s been forever since I’ve done one, but now seems like as good a time as any to bust one out. I’m here listening to music with some studio quality huge ass headphones, since I forgot my earbuds. Soooo… might as well go for it right? Don’t think I’ll post it till Saturday tho. Here are some fun songs with good beats and no serious feels, which is exactly what I need for having a fun summer Saturday. I wish everyone (myself included) a good weekend.

1. Tokyo Police Club – Bambi (Mad cute)

2. Blood Diamonds – Phone Sex (Feat. Grimes) (Weird, not even 100% sure I like it. Gets interesting around 1:30)

3. Purity Ring – Fineshrine (I’ve been getting into purity ring. lyrics, sounds, just yeah.)

4. Miike Snow – Plastic Jungle (Niice as always Miike Snow)

5. Big Data – Dangerous (Oliver Remix) (I dig this remix more than the original for some reason)

Playlist 34: traditions live or die by our frail hands edition

Hey kids and fake adults and self-soothsayers. I haven’t made a playlist for a million years, for a million different reasons, none of which I’m going to address. Other entries in other places are dedicated to my forlorn words. This right here is for music and good luck and light and the illusive beast known simply as the weekend. So here we are again, in the spring in the heat and the breeze and the rain if we get very lucky. Keep your fans blowing, your allergies in check, and try to enjoy the greening trees around you. Merry weekend to all, and to all a good Friday night.

1. Say Hi to your Mom – Blah Blah Blah (Cute sad fun morbid soft indie dance party)

2. Broken Bells – The High Road (Chill, nice beats, interesting electronic touches and harmonies)

3. Love & Rockets – Haunted When the Minutes Drag (Sounds like ’80s Depeche Mode in the best ways. Seriously, how is this not ’80s Depeche Mode? Also is this band what that one futurama episode is named after? I bet it totally is.)

4. Caravan Palace – Star Scat (E.L.E.C.T.R.O ~ S.W.I.N.G)

Playlist 33: I make words my bitch on the daily

It’s Friday, and the forecast calls for things and words and wiles and teeth. Birds and branches, stars and sleet. I wish it would snow again soon. It snowed so much recently, it was beautiful. Snow is one of my favorite things. Finished up my work for the week, assuming my editor says it’s cool. I’m looking forward to some time away from my computer, and hopefully a night that I could really use in my secret soul. I wish all of you guys, and myself, a nice weekend. Here’s some songs.

She Wants Revenge – These Things

Beck – Que Onda Guero

Phantogram – When I’m Small

Tunng – Kinky Vans

Feist – I Feel it All

Playlist 32: Friday the 13th Special Edition

Happy the Friday the 13th everyone! It’s always been a good-luck-day for me overall. Valentine’s day tomorrow. All my songs for today are a little slower and chill-er than my usual Friday night fare, but that’s just the way it shook out. Nice music overall. I don’t know what next week is going to bring me, and I’m going to try my best not to worry too much about it for now. I’m going to try and give myself the gift of a couple relaxing days. Whether you are alone or coupled, I hope you have a nice weekend.

1. Hozier – Take me to Church

2. First AId Kit – I Found a Way

3. Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix)

4. Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes – 40 Day Dream

Playlist 31: Softly Sheep Slough through my Sleep

Welp! It’s 7am and I just finished working and I should definitely be going to sleep, and yet, here I am… putting together my tiny little Friday playlist. Today is going to be an interesting Friday. We have plans, and places to be, and things to see. I hope all of you have a lovely Friday and an excellent weekend overall. Here are some songs that popped up during my work-week that I liked.

1. The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon (amazing MS paint video, 10/10)

2. Hooverphonic – 2 Wicky (space chill, chill space)

3. Miike Snow – Horse is Not a Home (Miike Snow I Liike yo)

4. Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (zeds dead remix) (whoops I’ve started to like dubstep remixes of stuff.)

Playlist 25: When you get what you wanted but can’t fucking deal edition

Sooo I got the work I wanted, but it turns out it’s incredibly overwhelming and way more time consuming than I thought and I honestly am not 100% sure if I’m going to be able to get it done in time and I’m totally freaking out about it big time. Like real big time. And it’s super not cool for my mental health and whatnot. Soooo yeah. I plan on going to bed *fairly* early tonight, in order to wake up early tomorrow and fucking just work non-stop all day long for like 30 fucking hours. Seriously, not kidding. My boyfriend is going to help me, and I’m honestly considering trying to get my brother to help if he has some time, and just paying him what I would have made for whatever work he does because it’s just… it’s not what I expected and it’s super fucking overwhelming. Like… I’m 3% done at this point and it’s due in less than 48 hours. Just uuugggghhhh. Not cool man. Not cool at all. Soooo I’m busting out this playlist for GOOD LUCK FOR MYSELF because I fucking need it. I hope you guys all have a good weekend, and I hope I get my shit straightened out.

1. Coconut Records – Minding My Own Business

2. The Strokes – Last Night

3. Vampire Weekend – White Sky

4. Greenskeepers – Bang in Your Face

5. Tim Tim – Rum ‘n’ Cocacola (Shake it Up Well)

6. Miike Snow – Black and Blue