Playlist 28: Happy New Year! (linear time is a meaningless construct) edition

Damn you guys. I can’t believe it’s going to be 2015. What the hell is with that? That’s like… way too far in the future to possibly be right now. Crazy times my friends, just nuts. Well, here’s hoping that it is a good night for everyone, myself included. It might snow supposedly, so that would be cool. Stay safe everyone, stay warm. Make good decisions. Enjoy yourselves. I was going to bust out some new years themed songs, but then I listened to a few and I really wasn’t feeling it. Sooo for this playlist I’m going to go back though all the playlists I’ve made this year and pull out some of my favorite songs. that I’ve discovered this year. (I might also throw some new years songs in here for fun, I haven’t decided yet tbh. Okay I did throw in a few, new year’s songs are bold and italic). There will be a ton of songs on here by the end, but that’s okay.

1. Alt-J -Breezeblocks (This has to be my #1 man. I fucking love Alt-J so much now and I got my boyfriend and my brother all into them and it’s all thanks to this one song. Listen to the round / harmonies at the end. It just slays me man. I’ll eat you whole I love you so)

2. Miike Snow – Animal (This is another artist I really dig and this is the first song of his I fell in love with. Nice.)

3. Arctic Monkies – Fluorescent Adolescence (You used to get it in your fish nets, now you only get it in your night dress… this band has become a go-to for me this year. Starting with this song.)

4. The Eagles – Funky New Year (If you’re looking for a fun(ky) old school new year’s song, this is for you kid.)

5. Twenty One Pilots – Guns for Hands (tough call between this song and “car radio”. I have come to really dig this band overall, they have such a weird but cool style, with a lot of the *desperate intensity* that I love hearing in songs.)

6. Two Door Cinema Club – Cigarettes in the Theatre (energetic little indie pop band that I ended up digging.)

7. Strfkr – Rawnald Gregory Erickson the second (Not a huge fan of this band in general, but this song was a memorable part of my year. Also known as the song my boyfriend had stuck in his head forever and could only remember like two words of it and I somehow found it for him)

8. Regina Spektor – My dear Acquaintance (a happy new year) (If you’re looking for an oddly morose but somehow still pretty beautiful new year’s song, this is for you kid.)

9. Capital Cities – Safe and Sound (My boy got all up into this band after I shared this song for him. The video is still one of my fun feel good faves)

10. Metric – Help I’m Alive (An underdog fave for me, not the kind of music I’d usually be into but Metric kept making their way onto my playlists all year. This song was the first of theirs I really liked)

11. Sea Wolf – You’re a Wolf (This band has a lot of songs that are a bit too slow for my casual listening taste, but I really like their style overall and they made their way into my playlists and my heart this year, starting with this song.)

12. Snoop Dogg (Feat. Marty James) – New Year’s Eve (If you’re looking for a generic sounding new year’s rap song with mild to moderate misogyny, this is for you kid)

13. Phantom Planet – Demon Daughters (Phantom planet is a disbanded band but I just really discovered them this year. This song is my fave of theirs, lyrically and musically)

14. Priory – Weekend (Priory is a cool little indie band with a few songs that I really dig. This is one of their more superficial songs, but also one of their most fun)

15. Parov Stelar – Booty Swing (The beginning of my love for electro-swing music. What can I say? The heart wants what it wants.)

16. A Great Big World – This is the New Year (If you’re looking for a light, pop-y, upbeat, jumpy new year’s song, this is for you kid.)


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