Playlist 22: Halloween Edition

Happy Fucking Halloween my dear followers! One of my all time favourite holidays! It’s creepy and crawly and fucking awesome all the damn time every damn time. SO! in celebration of this glorious holiday I am going to make a playlist of all Halloween themed songs, or songs that remind me of Halloween in some way. So here’s how this is going to go down: I’m going to basically layer classic Halloween songs and newer songs to give a little taste of both. There are way too many rad Halloween songs for me to include them all, so I’m just going to throw down 10 of my current faves. I hope that everyone (myself included) has a fun and safe Halloween and Halloween weekend. I’m going to start you off with a classic. Ready? Here we go.

1. Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London (Awooooooooooooooooooo)

2.  Franz Ferdinand – Evil Eye (Fun Ferdinand style, moderately Halloween-ish content)

3. Eagles – Witchy Woman (One of my childhood faves)

4. Kid Cudi – No One Believes Me  (Sorta a little genuinely creepy, but a bit slow and quite long)

5. Bobby Pickett – Monster Mash (Sorry, not even a little bit sorry at all)

6. Dead Man’s Bones – Dead Man’s Bones  (This band is a completely horror themed musical duo featuring Ryan Gosling (yes, that Ryan Gosling) Not bad, quite ideal for Halloween, you can skip the 50 seconds of nothing but a lady crying between 1:30 and 2:20 )

7. Screamin’ Jaw HawkinsI put a spell on you (Because you’re mine, dude)

8. My Chemical Romance – Vampires Will Never Hurt You (I’m going to be like 80 years old and still rocking out to this rad jam)

9. Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp (It’s just a jump to the left! Also, I’m actually going to dress up as Magenta one year. Also, fucking RHPS for LIFE!)

10.  Bright Eyes – Devil Town (Fucking cute and spoopy as hell. I’m going to end my playlist on this light and sort of adorable note.)


Dream a little dream of mutant alien crocodiles slowly eating you alive

So this morning, (see: Afternoon) during my last 15 minutes of sleep or so, I had a dream that I was being slowly eaten alive by a giant mutant alien crocodile. There was a lot of detail behind it about an alien home world and climate change and shape shifting but I don’t really remember all that jazz. I do remember the part where I was running through a swampy forest pursued by an unnaturally fast croc alien who kept catching me and biting parts off of me. Like at least one arm and one leg but I think even more than that. Finally he cornered me and bit my face off and I died. Then the dream continued with me as a floating disembodied witness to the action. Cool, awesome, thanks for that one unconscious mind. It was actually a very interesting story line but when I woke up that was all I could recall. On that lovely note, I’m going to go to bed and hope for some nicer dreams tonight. I mean c’mon, give me a fun dream where I can fly, or a sexy dream, or basically anything not horrifying please please please okay good night.

Playlist 21: If my playlists were years this one could drink

Aaaaahhhh! It’s really really late (see: early in the morning) and I’m listening to tons of music and getting really emotional and sorta choked up over it and daaaammmmn I need to chill the fuck out and go to bed. Here’s some nice, chill, *non-choke-up* songs for a hopefully fun Friday night. {Sorry War if you’ve heard them before} Next Friday is Halloween, so expect to see an extra special playlist from me. (hopefully). In the mean time, I wish everyone including myself a fun, safe, joyous weekend. We have a play to go to this evening. (Hell yeah, live theater, hell yeah) and some plans for afterward as well. Okay! It’s really time for me to go to bed. I’m out. Peace. Happy Friday.

1. The Bravery – Fistfull of Sand 

2. The Strokes – Reptilia

3. Twenty one Pilots – The Run and Go

4. Brad Sucks – Making me Nervous

5. I Monster – Daydream in Blue

6. Tonight Alive – Little Lion Man (Fuuuck me Why do I like this cover? It’s basically a monsterous pop punk butchery but I like it somehow for some reason. For one I just like the name Tonight Alive. Because it’s true and it’s what I’m going for on nights like this.)

I’m not high I’m just weird

Hey hey fellow carbon based sentient life forms! how are you enjoying your oxygen and the compound made by two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen? haha yes, me too. It is most refreshing. I am hiding under some blankets with my phone because the phone light is super bright. I need to go to sleep!! Feeling not super tired but maybe it will happen. We are flying through space right now and we are each a world to microscopic organisms and everything is amazing and I love you.


I got some more freelance work today. Hell yeah, hell yeah. Shout out to my smartphone. If I didn’t have a phone that gave me reliable email notifications I would not be getting this work. Seriously, it usually wakes me from a sound sleep and I respond to the offer within about 5 minutes. If I take much longer than that to respond, the work will go to someone else. It’s nuts. I kinda miss reliable steady article writing, and I’m hoping that’s going to come back at some point. But for now I can deal with this, and I just hope it keeps coming. It’s weird, definitely. This little batch is due Wednesday morning at like 7am, which means I’m going to finish it at like… 3 in the morning or slightly later probably. But I’ll have it done in time. Cool. Yeah. Poppin’ my gum, watching dumbass movies in the background, procrastinating my work. Yeah. Nice. Yeah. Cool.

Playlist 20: Holy shit I can’t believe I’ve made 20 of these things edition.

I like tons of different types of music. Seriously basically everything except country. I like a wide variety of sounds. But for these playlists, I mostly just pick upbeat, faster songs because of the time and place I intend to listen to them. It’s a way of getting in and staying in a good mood for a fun Friday night, so I try to pick songs that accomplish that sort of feel. Don’t think that these playlists represent the totality of my musical taste, I guess is what I’m saying. These are my hell yeah fun weekend beats. Speaking of which, I hope you all have a very nice, fun, groovy weekend and beyond.

1. Panic! At The Disco – This is Gospel

2. Matt & Kim – Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare

3. Alt-J – Left Hand Free

4. Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars