Writing Playlist 3: {Wicked Eclectic Springtime Desperation Mix}

Another installment in my mildly popular playlist series. Here are this week’s top picks for songs that I particularly liked hearing while I was working. Pretty varied mix, got some weird dark ragtime tunes, some alt rock, some pop, a little light dubz. I named this playlist the wicked eclectic springtime desperation mix because… I dunno, that’s what it feels like it should be called. Hope you guys have a nice weekend, I’m personally pretty psyched that it’s Friday. Enjoy.

Emma Wallace -Part of your Mudra

Good Lovelies – Crabbuckit

Jill Tracy – Evil Night Together

Katzenjammer – Demon Kitty Rag

Sea Wolf – You’re a Wolf

OneRepublic – Counting Stars (Longarms dubstep remix)

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Iron and Wine – Boy with a Coin

The Shins – New Slang

Miike Snow – Animal


So sail, stalwart souls

Everyone understands the world differently, and interprets it differently, and reacts to it differently, and I cannot expect anyone to interpret it the same way as me … ever… for any reason I know this. But sometimes I still get really annoyed at how other people interpret the world. Just the difference between how they viewed this event and how they are reacting to it and how I saw it, and how I reacted, just … irks me for some reason. AaaaaAaaaanyway, The website I NEED to use to do my work went down last night (See: early this morning) So I couldn’t get as much of my work done as I wanted to. As a result I have hella more work to do today than I want. I’ve gotten some of it done but I still have a long way to go. Also I got woken up two hours earlier than I wanted, which is not exactly improving my demeanor. When we went out earlier today to grab some supplies I saw two separate people in the store wearing obvious collars that did *not* look like a simple fashion statement. (one was a choke chain) Apparently the freaks come out at 1 in the afternoon here?? It was pretty interesting. (I like having a collar that is 100% stealth for public wear, and then an obvious one for certain ~~activities~~) My little red volvo is in the shop, getting the AC fixed and making the front drivers’ side window roll down… hopefully. I’m hoping I can get it back by tomorrow, when I am blessedly free of work… but we will see. You know how car stuff goes. I Might be doing some recording early next week. Haven’t done music stuff in so long I’m just sorta like… ugh. Not super enthused to get back into it. But hopefully that will change. I need to get back to work now. I’m way more sensitive to caffeine than I used to be. It makes me SsSsSshake , but it keeps me awake.

Rise the wake and carry me with all of my regrets

Should sleep. How many off these do I end with those words? Having technical issues that kept me from finishing my last article. I really hope it gets sorted before I start working again. Way too much to do tomorrow, pretty overwhelming. Hope it goes okay. Past few days have been a mix of real good and weird bad. Not getting into it. Hoping for just 2 more weeks of steady work, that would be enough for us to make it through. But more than that would be even better. Peace for now. Hopefully I will slip into the dreaming

Good News Bad News

 Good News:  I got more articles to write, which I asked for and need for money reasons. 

Bad News:  I have to fucking write 9 goddamn articles in the next 24 hours. 

Good News: I just made myself a matcha green tea smoothie and it tastes awesome and has caffeine in it

Bad News: I feel weird and lost and weak and wicked vulnerable and sorta helpless. 

Good News: I went to the gym today and got a really good workout, which helped clear my head at least slightly.

Bad News:  I probably shouldn’t have wasted two hours going to the gym and coming back and showering because I have to fucking write 9 goddamn articles in the next 24 hours. 

Good News: I at least recognize the names of (almost) all the products I have to write about and they aren’t weird technical things I don’t know anything about. 

Bad News: I’m not sure what’s up with articles for next week and it’s sorta freaking me out

Good News: After tomorrow I will have made half of July’s rent. June is already sorted. 

Bad News:  I’m not super confident about how I’m going to make the other half… but we’ll see. 

Good News: I’m almost done making this stupid entry, and you guys can be done reading it!

Bad News: I have to actually go do my work now. 


Awkward transactions

So my boyfriend and I were just in the dollar store because he wanted to buy some clothespins and candles … for … reasons. We were standing in line and I said “oh man, this is such an obvious purchase.” and he said “shut up! don’t even say that!” Then we went up to the cashier. She rang up the candles, she rang up the clothespins, and then she stopped and said “Do you know what else you can use these for?” … and I stood there trying not to laugh or smile too much like an idiot, feeling my soul ghost out of my mouth and hover over my head. “uuuh… no?” … “You can use them to close up chip bags!” she said, and my soul sucked back inside me and I laughed. “That’s a super good idea!” I said, as she proceeded to tell us a story about how she uses them for that. I almost died, it was ridiculous. 

Happenings and Underthings

The people who manage my apartment complex finally turned on the AC yesterday, and that feels absolutely lovely and just awesome. Like as soon as they turned it on I took a three hour nap and it was the best I’ve slept in ages because I wasn’t fucking roasting. My little brother graduated from college on Saturday. I went to his graduation and it wasn’t nearly as long and boring as mine was 3 years ago. It was in a giant stadium and my family watched him with binoculars so we could tell when they were about to call his name. Afterwards we went out to lunch. My family still thought I had work to do on Saturday and Sunday, and I didn’t dis-illusion them of this notion, because it gave me the opportunity to spend the next two days engaging in a variety of sexual exploits without being disturbed. So… that happened, and was fun, and nice, but too bad the AC hadn’t been turned on earlier because the heat sorta stopped us from having a day long sex marathon. (Although my boyfriend did come up with a clever solution to cool us off while simultaneously sort of torturing me.) Let’s seee… what else? Oh, so last night I finally *did* hang out with my brother, and that was chill and fun and we drank a lot and watched all kinds of cartoons and a mythbusters and I showed him Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog which is awesome and I highly recommend. All in all it was a good night. I only have 6 articles for this week, which isn’t enough money wise… and I’m not sure what the deal is or if they are out or if she’s just being all like…. trying to make me write them sooner in the week? I dunno. No email or explanation or anything from article boss in a long time and I’m scared to email her first because… I just am okay?  Sooo I’m planning on finishing these like… tomorrow and then emailing her and asking her if she has more. If she doesn’t then oh well I guess. @____@ …. I will figure something out probably. For right now I’m going to get to work and get some of these stupid things done.

Should sleep. Pretty tired but feeling so stressed. Only 6 articles for next week that isn’t enough money.  What am I gunna do? Hope I get more. Gotta wake up in less than 6 hours. So tired. Such a long soul crushing week. Need to sleep, please let me sleep. My little brother graduates from college tomorrow. So early in the morning but I will be there.