well… this happened apparently.

Fuck yeah, fingers flying and let’s just keep this caffeine flowing. I hate all the music that’s playing on Pandora, and I need to write four more articles before I can sleep. Pffffff yeah. Fuck yeah I’m going to get it done with these keys and fingers and brain cells all lighting up and forming connections. Hell yeah, examine shapes and just let myself dissolve into a world of words, making money for something so simple but somehow hard as hell on my melon heart. Whatever. My heart can deal, I already made $75 today and I’m gunna make another hundred bucks before bed. Blocking out all my sexy, slippery, (sub)lime feels because I can’t concentrate on shit when I’m just waiting for another touch that will claim me and erase all other thoughts from my mind. Yeeeah, see… Gotta lock that shit up while I work, even though I’m hoping for lots of it tomorrow and I want it pretty bad. So far this week I haven’t gone to bed at 7am, but tonight might be the night. It might it might it might be tonight. Or, if I can just get my shit together and stop doing things like this I might be done earlier. Depends how hard everything is to research. I hope my editor dude doesn’t realize how much that last article was based on a thick foundation of bullshit. Time to go, and write about garage doors and suitcases and electromagnets and other stuff. Keep myself PUMPED! Don’t fall into a pit of OVERWHELMED DISPAIR. Naaaw man, naaaw son, stayin’ pumped! Pump it uuuup!


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